Cervelo R and Cervelo S series??

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by bigben99

difference between the R and S series??

Please use search, there are many threads. Below is one example


by Weenie

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by Martin.F

R = Lighter more all-round, S = Aero
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by shoopdawoop

S is aero

R is more traditional goals of light and stiff

Use the search if you want to find debates on which is better. Good place to start would be the 'is an aero frame beneficial' thread (called something like that, can't remember the exact name).

edit- viewtopic.php?f=3&t=101287 here is the thread I was referring too.

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by RichieE46

Yea there are plenty of threads on this and essentially it comes down to personal preference (No surprise there)

You really need to test ride both to see what you like. I tested/considered the R3 but ultimately I went with the S5 and have no regrets. Love my bike. But like others have already said, it is a heavier frame in comparison to traditional frames. (Unless you are aiming for VWD version, which is much more comparable to traditional style frame weights)

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