Servicing Square taper BB bearings (Token Tiramic)

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by Grimpeur

I've been using a Token Tiramic BB on my square taper SRM for about 7500km's and now the bearings sound like they are out of grease. They still spin fairly well, but I don't like the metal to metal sound coming from them. Is there a way to service these bearings, or are they supposed to be disposable? I noticed they sell replacements ( ... -prod38625), but since the bearings are not that old and I don't think they're worn out yet I would like to try to service them.

Any help is greatly appreciated :D
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by eric

I have not looked at a Token square taper BB but I think those bearings would be too large for a square taper BB- usually the BB axle on those is much smaller than the 25mm ID of those bearings.

On all sealed ball bearings that use rubber seals, you can very carefuly pry a seal off (use a tiny pick), then clean out the old grease and add new grease, then replace the seal. The smaller the bearing the more likely you are to bend the thin metal backing the seal or damage the sealing edges. Then your bearing will soon be dead.

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