Complaint about Tune's customer service

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by thprice

Another satisfied Tune customer here, including great after-sales support :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by jmartpr

The problem with most "Tune Dealers" is that they are not stockiest dealers...meaning they only order what's needed for special clients. This is due to a lack of interest and/or commitment with the brand.
I have that problem in our territory and we have to carry most of the weight of dealing with clients which is OK with us as distributors.

On the Mag 180....they were know for the noises. Specially the earlier versions. We found that using Teff Gel (a highly viscous grease that's a anti seize and anti corrosive) on all bearing/hub contact surfaces instead of the green Loctite works better and eliminates most of the noises for long periods of time. But I would consider an upgrade to the new Mag 170. These have been solid so far and hopefully will erase some of the bad image the 180 created.

As Jason mentioned....if anyone finds it hard to service or get answers from their Tune dealer we are more than happy to help WW members!

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by LeviR

Excellent customer service as always!

I paid full price for my tune hubs but the extra piece of mind surely out weighs the extra $60.

madcow wrote:This is where a good dealer comes into play. It's not realistic to expect a manufacturer to deal directly with consumers as they typically don't have the manpower to do that which is why the have distributors/dealers. If you had a problem with your car you wouldn't call the manufacturer you'd take it to your dealer. Most manufacturers will have the same reply when contacted by a consumer directly, which is to contact your local dealer, and in this case would probably have been a better response than giving you a bit of the run-around. If the manufacturer is expected to handle issues directly then there wouldn't be as much need for distributors/dealers. Why not contact the dealer where you purchased them and give them the opportunity to take care of you, that's part of what you paid for when you purchased the wheels through them. They'll have a direct line to someone inside at Tune and should be able to resolve issues rather quickly. If they are good they'll be happy to earn your business by getting your problem taken care of.

If for some reason they can't or won't take care of the problem, drop me a PM or email and I'll take care of it for you.

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by barsook77

Tune hubs gave me headaches. Took them back to the retailer and they traded out the whole custom wheelset for Bora Ultra Two's.

Never an issue again.

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