Colnago C60 when will it be?

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by Zakalwe

Hands off! The OFWH is mine!

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by catbill

Hands up! The OFWH for me only! :podium:
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by bdb

are the 3 variants, just colour schemes?

I really wanted an AD10 bike to match my ovalmaster, but outside of that I'm thinking OFMA

Love the Maserati Blue

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by BeeBee30

Those thread in cups seem to have a very thin contact area for the wrench, look likely to be very prone to damage unless your extremely careful.
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by HammerTime2

SalsaLover wrote:
catbill wrote:SalsaLover, thanks for the info. I am so bloody new to WEIGHT WEENIES. Would try to post links on the "test" to avoid troubles.

fromtrekcolnago, Zakalwe and guys, I know sometimes I get too sentimental about bike and bike stuff but this is one of my main hobby and passion that can keep me healthy and free. Can I leave the rational side of me for work only. You know what I mean, Sir :roll:

use [IMG ] tags and you'll be fine ;)
Actually, NOBODY can attach pictures to the Road or Cycle Chat forums, but posters (not sure if there is minimum post requirement, but I don't think so) can attach pictures to certain other forums.
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As SalsaLover pointed out, anyone can insert images in any post in any forum by use of [img]URL_of_image_elsewhere_on_internet[/img]. In the olden days (prior to a Board "upgrade"), pictures could be attached to posts in any forum.

Back to the topic at hand: wrote:The C60, by contrast, comes in nine compact sizes, five traditional sizes, plus custom geometry options
but I have not seen details of the custom geometry options, nor confirmation on the Colnago website.

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by fromtrektocolnago

catbill wrote:oh my god! The 60 Classic (OFWH) pearl white is such a beauty. In traditional, a killer!

The 60 Classic (OFCG) black showing all the carbon wave would be a perfect match for a disc version.

Now I am beginning to dream seriously and start saving money very seriously.

Yep. This is the one.
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by tinozee

I like both the black and white Italian paint jobs. The classic screams Spaghetti Western to me. I do like it though haha. You would have to rock an open jersey and a cornicello chain.

The fact they have traditional geo options is just awesome. I really impressed with the thoughtful changes to BB as well. Larger tube sizes will make larger frames look better I bet. For me, trad 59cm all day.

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by Calnago

Yep... I think this frame will get as much buzz this year as the C59 did when it was introduced. It looks to be a very nice frame. Massive tubes... kinda like TREK down near the bottom bracket. So I'll have to wait to see those up close at different angles before I say if I like or not. But I don't see anything I'm hating on at this point. Well, I haven't really warmed up to the little thin flanges on the Threadfit cups yet. Looks like I'll need yet another special tool. But that's minor. Not saying I like it more or less than the C59 or past Colnagos for that matter. It's just different. I think it will prove to be another winner. Damn if Colnago doesn't "get it right" more often than not. I really like the solution to the whole pressfit bottom bracket fiasco of recent years. I think their solution is bar none the best I have seen out there, at least from the info currently available. It is unique and different and probably only feasible due to the fact that they are making the lugs separately and have a lot more control over the finished product than if they had to put everything all at once into a mold and press it together, heat it up, and hope it comes out ok. Kudos to them.

So glad to see they decided to do some traditional sizes, albeit if only in the sizes that are not covered by sloping. It's good for those of us who take one of the odd size traditional frames (I take a 61 traditional), but not so great for those who wanted a traditional frame in an even size. But in the sloping sizes, it's nice to see that they added a larger size and changed the 56/58/60 sloping frames each a little bit. That's good because I always thought the 58s was just a monster frame thrown in to cover all the big guys over a certain size. Now their 58s truly does have the geometry of a 62traditional and not closer to a 64t. Not sure if the geometries have changed much for the smaller sizes... haven't studied those yet.

We may never know the real reason for the late announcement of traditional sizes being offered. But if I had to guess it is an afterthought after hearing how treasured the traditional frames still are by a lot of folks. To this day, as much as I have tried to get used to sloping frames (and some are very nice), nothing can match a traditional level (or close to level) top tube aesthetically. It's just how bicycles look best in my mind. I know that's part of the reason I think TT bikes are so sexy. Level top tubes for the most part. And it's also why I kind of gravitated towards the Giant Propel when it first came out. Still like it, except for the god awful brakes. Level top tubes rule! Lol... so shoot me.

I likely won't be getting one anytime soon, given my current stable of bikes. If I do, it would probably be the disc version, not because I think discs are proper on an all out road bike (I don't), but because it would make an awesome rain bike (Lol), as long as I can fit full fenders under the front fork. Speaking of their innovations to their disc bike for a moment, I have also heard that they may be introducing a through axle fork on the disc version, which is probably wise since there is a tendency for a lightish fork to twist due to the off center braking forces of a disc. So many things just have to get so reworked for a disc framed road bike that I wonder if they aren't just getting too close to being a mountain bike in some cases. Ugh!

Anyway, whoever builds up the first C60 in this forum, had better do it right... lots of good photos, things you liked while building, things you didn't, things you noticed that might not be apparent unless you're building one, and last but not least... how it rides. Although, the last one is usually kinda stupid, because no one, or at least hardly anyone, ever says the $20,000 bike they just built up rides like crap. But please don't say it corners like it's on rails, or it climbs like a mountain goat, or any of those other things that some magazine reviewer has said. At least, if you must gush, come up with something original. Oh, and please, please please... if anyone says it's way stiffer than anything they've ridden before, ever, but at the same time plusher than a Rolls Royce on oversize tires... well... you know :).

Oh yeah, and you know what else I kinda like about the C60... there's not a hint of "aero" bullshit anywhere on it. In fact, if anything, with those massive squarish tubes it's like yelling "Aero... what a crock of pooey, it's a road bike people, we go 25mph on a good day". I'm very glad to see they're not chasing that red herring.

So now... we wait.
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by SalsaLover

it was "it climbs like a scalded cat" ;)
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by Calnago

Lol... "scalded cat" is kind of original... I like it.
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by rowdysluggins

I have always lusted for a Colnago, because of the history, evident finish quality, and reputed handling. When I read that the new C60 was 1045 grams for a 56, I was thinking "Well, this thing is just a nostalgia machine for old guys with money.".
OK, I've seen some pictures now and realize: Maybe I'm one of those old guys?
Not sure yet, because, for me, performance always trumps looks, and that's 300g heavier than an Addict SL (Looks like paint alone could account for the difference).
Does it really have any extra "magic" beyond the paint job.

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by spdntrxi

and the first one ought to have a campy group too... seeing colnago with Di2, makes me cry a bit.

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by willy

traditional sizes wont hit the states until after the ferragosto, good thing is the c59 will not be discontinued for at least a couple of more seasons, c60 priced 30% higher aprox, so the choices will be broader now...u can have a colnago road frame starting low with the strada alu all the way to a 6k+ carbon machine.

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by pf30

catbill wrote:Wah, Pf30, thanks for the photo sharing. You must be from the Taiwan show! Right?

You know what? In one way, I am glad that the Asian got the first leg to see the C60 live. On the other, I question why Colnago not introducing its flagship from Italy or at the least, Europe. I understand that Taiwan and Japan are very big to Colnago but then........we are all Colango for its passion, traditions and quality assurance from no other than its origin, Italy, right? :?

yeah, I visited the show at first day!
In fact I did'n got the information as much as you think, because the staffs of colnago booth are not knowing so much on their product~ :noidea: I asked them some question about the C60, but they just know the changes of appearance of the bike.
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by catbill

Hi rowdysluggins,

The thing is, being able to offer 10+ paint graphics in more than 14 different sizes is pretty magic in itself. Size does matter! And to be honest, I would say the look and the beauty of a top end frame accounts for more than 50% to the overall assessment for me. I agree with you that when it comes to sheer weight, Colnago is no where near some of the lightest frames in the market such as the Scott Addict SL, Specialized Venge etc.

The lugs construction which is a major contributing factor to the overall ride quality, the durability (carbon can break even without a major crash and gets softer in times of use), details of finishing, overall innovations and technology, the prestigiousness and origin are areas I am confidence Colnago can strike the right balance. If Colnago announce that the coming C60 will be 60grams heavier than the C59, most likely I wouldn't mind as long as the extra weight is apply to the right place and for the right reasons.
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