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I've got a set of Campy Centaur shifters from 2005ish. They started going soft about 6 months ago, to the point where the finger paddle would be quite soft, almost without a click.

I replaced the g springs and carrier, which was cracked.

At this point the finger paddle is still a little soft. What seems more problematic is that on shifts near the top of my cassette(25) it doesn't engage where it should, but travels a ways before shifting. So I have to push 2-3 times farther than usual.

I can't remember if this was happening before the rebuild. However, it seems to me that either another part was broken; or maybe some spring tension isn't quite right.

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by stella-azzurra

I will assume that the teeth on the gear inside the shifters are OK and that the lever engages the teeth correctly.
Next please ensure that the limit screw on your rear derailleur is set correctly.
Also please ensure that when you did set the cable it was set where the shifter was in the lowest position.
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