Chinese carbon wheels - delamination after 1K miles? Trash?

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by prendrefeu

applebaconator wrote:I suspect they came out of the same Chinese factories that makes many other generic Chinese carbon wheels that are found on Aliexpress, Ebay.

They're not all the same.

That's a bit like saying "everything from [country] is the same, it's all one factory."
Which is even more crazy of a statement considering you're referring to one of the largest countries in the world and one of the most populated and one of the most advanced in manufacturing capabilities.
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by CharlesM

To answer the OP,

Yes... Throw them away. (maybe salvage hubs...).

Another example of why I'll never ride no-name wheels, forks or frames.

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by Valbrona

The heat damage threshold of these wheels doesn't seem very high. And your riding crossed it.

You could moan to the supplier and ask them to send a replacement rim, but I doubt you would get one. Were you to get one you could then probably re-build using the same spokes/nipples and then sell the wheels.

The front wheel clearly takes a lot of braking force and it is advisable to regularly check the alignment of brakes. Most people centre their brakes while the bike is in the normal upright position, but it is better done with the bike upside down. While upside down you can actuate the brake levers and any misalignment can usually be seen by one block pushing the wheel over to one side before contact with the other block.

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