Tune Mag 170; dead bearings

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by OwenJames

Right, well thanks for all the help so far.

Just taken the hub apart; used an old skewer to punch out the DS end cap. Came out after a few hits from a heavy hammer. Will use that QR lever as my official Tune tool from now on.

After that, I hammered the axle through using a rubber mallet. Modified an old 100 yen screw-driver, to sit inside the bearing hole allowing me to hammer the axle all the way through. Nice.

So, playing with the bearings, it seems that the one that is knackered is the outer freehub body one. This would have been the one that probably gets the most filth in it, and is also under the most pressure when I am going mental in 50-11. Will clean it all up and see if it can be salvaged. It not, I will get a fancy pants new bearing and fit it, then boast about how sick my rig is.


Phill P
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by Phill P

bearings shouldn't fail that quickly! Have you contacted your retailer or tune themselves?

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by OwenJames

I have contacted Tune and am waiting their response

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by jpanspac

This is the first I've heard of an axle tool. Where can I get one?
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