Upgrading - 7970 Di2 vs 9000 Mechanical...

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by addicted

Upgrading from 7900 mechanical.
If the cost were similar, which would you choose and why??

by Weenie

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by ianSWBB

If cost were the same, I'd go electronic every time - Have ridden both and there is definitely a difference in performance between the 2 - the electronic is precise every time and trims great when on the larger 5 sprockets of the cassette (I use those ones a lot!! but that's a legs issue, nothing to do with the kit!)

Following directly on - I'm not a good enough rider to notice the difference between the 10 speed Dura Ace (7900/7970) and the 11 speed Dura Ace (9000/9070) - Both good, but find I don't really need that extra sprocket - I know Shimano give tons of blurb as to how the 9000 series is improved on the 7900 series blah blah, but not that I could tell the difference!

Good luck

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by Zigmeister

Electronic is lighter. Plus, who cares if you save $200 on a group set. Makes no sense to me personally to get a far superior group set in the 9070.

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by gwilliams

If cash is no object I am sure 9070 is a great system. I will be changing from 7090 to 9000 pretty soon. I am indifferent about the 11th cog, I just like the simplicity of a mechanical group set, and having briefly ridden 9000 I think it seems spot on.

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by pdlpsher1

Or you could consider the Ultegra 11 speed Di2. You'd get identical performance to the 9070 with only a weight penalty. Personally it's a no-brainer to go with Di2 if you don't mind the cost and weight inceases. With the new seat tube battery the weight penalty of Di2 becomes a non-issue. I'm currently running 9070 with the internal battery and I love it. I went from 9 speeds to 11 speeds and I agree with others that the extra gear (2 in my case) isn't noticeable. GL.

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