Poll - Does your Bottom Bracket Creak? PressFit Vs Threaded

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Does your BB Creak? (Add your Comments on Length of ownership in years or miles)

PF30 Creaks
BB86 Creaks
BB30 Creaks
BB90/92/96 Creaks
Pressfit (not listed above) Creaks
PF30 Silent
BB86 Silent
BB30 Silent
BB90/92/96 Silent
Pressfit (not listed above) Silent
Total votes: 188

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by Jmdesignz2

Poll - Does your Bottom Bracket Creak? PressFit Vs Threaded

I have and still do avoid any press fit BB on a bike due to all the creaking issues I have been warned about by others. Noises like that drive me crazy.

Thought it would be interesting to see folks personal experiences with Press fit vs threaded

Pick as many as you have experience with and list length of ownership in miles or years for each
Comment with as much description of your issues and exact type/s of BB's as you like

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by joepac

Silent bb30 and specialized osbb with with the Praxis Works conversion BB and ultegra crankset.

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by uraqt

Praxis, TorqTite, BBInfinite and another converter adapter don’t count…

Mainly because they all add back all the weight that the original BB design was trying to save… or a better way of saying it the bike manufacture and you would have been better of with an threaded bb.


PS my bbright with campy Over-Torque no creeking 4,000miles.... manny many wasted hours and $$$$ with Ultra-Torque creeking never solved.

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by Rick

BB30 for 5 years; two different cranks:

Sram Force: Had much noise until abandoned wave washer and used "precise shim" method and loctite 609. Then silent for 3 years.
Sram Red 22: No noise using Sram's locking collar. 2 years.

Same bike and bearings throughout.
For awhile I ran the same BB30 bike with a GXP crank and Wheels Manufacturing Delrin adapters: worked fine, no noise.

Numerous other bikes with BSA threaded system (Loose ball, Hollowtech, Race Face, Sram GXP, UN51) None ever had any significant noise except as clearly coming from dirty bearings and fixed by normal bearing cleaning/greasing..

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by Juanmoretime

When I ride with my wife her BB30 makes some noise. My thread 68mm threaded English bottom bracket is totally silent. My wife has a FSA crank in a Jamis frame. Mine is a Lynskey R320 with a Sram Red GXP crank and a VCRC bottom bracket.

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by helldiver

BB30 with campy power-torque cups (athena crankset), this was the configuration how i bought the bike, silent for ~ 4 months/1500km
BB30 with campy ultra-torque cups (chorus crankset), this is the configuration i have now, silent for ~ 9 months/6500km

I was little bit afraid when i was changing the cups that it will lead to creaks in the future, i didn't apply any loctite when i installed them. Part of my success could be, that i didn't have any professional tools when i removed the power-torque cups, so i managed to scratch the inside of the aluminum BB shell little bit - maybe exactly that helped to create an additional friction for the new pressed ultra-torque cups, so they are absolutely silent with no movement now.

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by sungod

given limited audience, lack of population data, selection bias, reporting bias, etc. this isn't going to provide statistically reliable information

also, while the title says "pressfit vs threaded", i see no threaded options, and i've certainly heard creaking and other noises from threaded bb bikes, so we better add confirmation bias too :smartass:

anyway, bb30, since 2010, 30-40,000 km, no creaking, currently on second set of bearings, cinelli know how to do bb30 right :)

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by keith

I had a terrible creak once, only appeared towards the end of a ride, turned out it was my new shoes breaking in :shock: funny, but quite annoying at the time. Rebuilt the BB more than once....
Riding my road bike in North Wales


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by Cleaner

2 silent BB30 aluminum bikes, CAAD 9 and CAAD 10. I have had one develop a tick in the past and upon investigation found that it was due to corrosion on the steel bearing case. This is likely a result of galvanic corrosion happening die to dissimilar materials in contact. This is in Florida so a high humidity environment and near salt water. I have found that the best way to prevent this for occurring is to apply some Breakfree CLP to the contact zone between the bearing and the bore in the frame whenever maintenance is done on the cranks. This for 4+ years has worked to prevent the ticking from happening on both bikes and has allowed the bearings to stay in the frames.

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by mimason

Run threaded italian but would prefer english. No creaks . Also have a bb86 no creaks.

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by MisterMuncher

Alloy Synapse commuter/runabout and CAAD10 good bike. Both basic BB30 with an FSA SL-K and Hollowgram SL respectively, and nary a creak in a combined total of at least 10,000 miles.

By contrast, my previous experience with threaded BBs was fraught with creaking and annoyance, moving through a Tange Seiki square taper, Shimano Square taper, FSA MegaExo and Shimano Hollowtech. It was never difficult to fix (unscrew, clean, grease, reinstall) but it was bloody irritating.

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by Ebruner

All my BSA are silent with Campagnolo Cups. I have 2 BB30 frames, with Praxis Campagnolo adaptors that are silent as well. Just say no to Press fit.


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by patchsurfer

PF86 BB on a Giant TCR that creaked like a haunted wardrobe. New cups pressed in with Loctite 609 took most of it away, but it's never really silent at full gas. Always felt like there's got to be a better way, but I object to the threaded PF adapters. One step forward, two back.

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by BhSimon

Ebruner wrote:All my BSA are silent with Campagnolo Cups. I have 2 BB30 frames, with Praxis Campagnolo adaptors that are silent as well. Just say no to Press fit.

All my press-fit are silent and my BSA occasionally makes noise that requires servicing. BB30 is different to BB86.

You can't make generalisations about press-fit and certainly not any that that simply imply ‘press-fit is bad’.

Back to the original poll: keep the votes coming in. This is interesting.

If you’ve had a creaking BB and fixed it, feel free to share the solution.

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by sawyer

BB86 with Campagnolo on Aeroad CF SLX - silent

English threaded with Campagnolo on another bike - silent
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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