New shoes for 2015 - I want ORANGE

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by savechief

Why? Because I like orange a lot and my team kit is white, navy and orange. Here are the current front runners:

Sidi Kaos

Northwave Extreme Tech

Gaerne G.Chrono

Vittoria Ikon

My local shop carries Sidi and Northwave, and I've already tried on the previous version of the Extreme Tech and it was very comfortable. I've never had good luck with Sidi (I've tried the Genius line, Ergo 3's and Wires), as my heel always seems to slip out of the heel cup. There are no shops around me that carry either Vittoria or Gaerne shoes. So with that, I have two questions:

1) Are there any orange road shoes that I'm missing?
2) What are people's opinions or firsthand experiences with any of the shoes that I've listed? The Kaos and Ikon are new, so I'm not expecting too many firsthand reviews. The G.Chrono looks to be re-designed slightly, but all the reviews I can find of the previous iteration are positive. The Extreme Techs now have a double Boa (sorry, SLW2), but don't look too different from the ones that I've tried on.
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by RC856

How about the Giro Empire SLX?
Says anodised glowing red on the website but looks pretty orange to me!

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by mrlobber

Yes, Empire SLX in orange looks the business (at least in pics :D)

Personally, I've used (and I'm still using) Northwave Extreme Tech's - 2013 model road, and 2014 model (with 2 BOA's) MTB version.

Good, stiff (and light ;) :D) shoes. Can't tell, though, whether I really like the two dials better than one in the 2013 version. Can't see much differences in construction between 2013 / 2014 either.

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by luckypuncheur

Gaerne G.Stilo!

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by kgt


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by MisterMuncher

+1 for sure.

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by Dirty32

Bont come in Orange, if they are something you are keen on.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Lake do an mtb shoe in a nice toxic orange colour, but not sure if a road version is available
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by TwiggyTN

Bont, and you can go crazy with the colors. Just know that getting them right will be a project but once you do they are very light, stiff, and for me comfortsble.

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by zulu695

it would be Gaerne G stilo for me, I had multiple pairs of Gaerne in the past (road and MTB) and they are very comfy, at least for me.

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by glepore

Another vote for custom Bonts, but they are pricey. Awesome shoes though, once you get the fit dialed.
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by blantonator

I just picked these up in white, way nicer then the Bonts I tried.


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by showdown

I just picked up a pair of the Giro Prolight SLX II and DAMN they are orange. So. Fluo.

They fit beautifully, weigh almost nothing and were on sale for half price at biketiresdirect.

The Giro offerings are very very nice this year.

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by savechief

Ahh, I forgot about the Giro Prolight. Not sure how, considering I'm wearing Giro Factors right now.
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by ophiravina

the giro prolight slx looks awesome in orange :D
my brother has them and he says that they are very comfortable (comes with 4 insoles), light, stiff and everything you wish for a race shoes :wink:
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