Seeking a lighter Mavic freehub

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by jsjenkins

From my searching, it looks like Mavic made (at least at some point) a Ti version of their Shimano freehub body. However I haven't been able to find a single place which sells it, a part number, or even a picture. Is this still available, if so from where and roughly how much?

Were there ever any aftermarket freehubs made?

I'm content with the weight of the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate's but its a shame 100g+ is dedicated to the steel freehub when more modern designs (Tune comes to mind) are so much lighter.

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by MavicZack

Mavic did make a Ti freehub body but it was cost-prohibitive to continue. you might be able to find one on ebay ...
in general, the reliability of the steel body is much higher than alloy and it's why Mavic continues with it. the newer MY13 and MY14 version is lighter by a few grams.
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by Weenie

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by djm

I sourced on off of here :-)

I won't be selling it though! ;-)

Haven't had any issues with it compared to the stock one, also in use on another set of CCUs.

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by thencameyou


glad you're enjoying it!

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by Colin

Keep an eye on ebay. One sold just a couple days ago for $85 IIRC.

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by coloclimber

I sold one and regret it. Saves around 37 gr IIRC.
From my old records, the Part number on the Mavic Titanium FTS-L FH body (M10/Shimano & SRAM) is 32347601.
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by Weenie

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