Sanding or painting Time Xpresso 12 Ti/Carbon

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by Enkei

Hi there!

My first post on the forum. I'm building a Sub 5.5kg FM066SL Stealth (Celeste details) and was wondering if anyone of you have any suggestions or experience with removing or covering the red details on the Xpresso 12's. Handpaint, sanding, powder coating, any ideas?

Something like this would be a nice endgame:


by Weenie

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by Franklin

Black marker. Cheap and easy ;)

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by latman

celeste stickers over the numbers ?

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by fifarafa

If you want black you are Mavic parts:;n ... 137;mid=21

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by Camilo

I'd take a marker and carefully color in the white parts. I really doubt any imperfections would be noticable unless the viewer kneels down and looks closely at the pedal - and who would do that? Think of "perfection" in terms of viewing from 5-6 feet away.

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