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by lewolive

I'm opening a new topic because I estimate that the new GSL Micro are really a new product and not only an upgrade...

So, Ted has just released the new GSL Micro and you can discover the article on Bikerumor.


-153g without pads
-New holes on the top of arm 2. These holes are supposed to reduce the weight a little bit in order to compensate the little extra weight of the micro cam
-New Micro cam, allowing a 6mm range adjustment. The barrel adjuster is still in place so that you may use the same padholders in place with Zipp 404 and standard aluminum rims (18mm width). Spherical washers are delivered with the brakes to authorize an optimized installation. This cam is compatible with all previous GSL version, but also: Gravitas, Gravitas SL, GSS and Negative-G !
-New finishing: a light black powder coat on the regular black anodized arms. It's matching better with matt framesets that are more and more popular in 2013.

History of the project:
-At the end of 2012 I asked Ted to change the mechanism of the brakes in order to authorize an easy installation of all the rims on the market. Ted was working hard on the crank project and so he was not enough implicated in this project. But for months he has been too much disturbed by customers needing to install properly 27mm rims on GSL... So, the solution (temporary) was to supply the brakes with spherical washers and SLP padholders. The other big issue was that we met many bad installations from customers, including from bike shop owners who are supposed to understand the mechanism... The new cam is solving all these problems, and people who don't like 2012 GSL and prefer older OG brakes would surely by the GSL Micro because OG used to have a good reputation in terms of adjustability, not the GSL... but GSL Micro modularity is by far better than any previous OG brakes for which Ted sold tens of thousands.
-Later in 2013, I requested Ted to imagine a new road brake set because the GSL are already 5 years old and it's important to renew the brakes line. Since Ted has never met any failure on GSL and since these brakes are light and very stiff, a good alternative was to keep the best of the GSL and change only what was necessary.
The solution has been to drill small holes on the logo space and just keep a small area for the micro logo. The black matt finishing has been inspired by the finishing of the V3 cranks. Cranks and brakes have now the same finishing and it looks very nice on a bike.

The cam will be available shortly, probably in November. There will be probably not a big stock in the factory. So, you'll be probably delivered faster with ordering websites using a real time stock.
The brakes will be available early in November in both Europe and USA. Europe may be supplied a few days earlier because the current production is dedicated to Europe and the next one to USA.

I remind here that a complete support is available with contacting me directly by email, 7 days a week. You can send me pictures of your old brakes and I'll let you know what to change or which parts ordering. Ciamillo brakes are extremely durable products and we can make almost new a 10 years old set. Service, upgrades, sales, Ciamillo small parts:" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; The stock is in real time and your order is shipped within 24h.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Wow, great update on the brakes!
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by kenji

I ordered a GSL Micro on Nov/27 and I already paid by the paypal, but I haven't received it yet. I sent number of e-mails to Ted to ask for the tracking number, but he didn't give me the number yet. As the GSL micros are now in stock on the, my GSL micro should be dispatched already.... ???

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by mattiTWOROADS

I got mine and and got them mounted a while ago...
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by caballero

2 ride buddies bought them online when they had the special preorder price. They've been using them for a while now. Call Ted ?

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by SLCBrandon

I actually thought seriously about buying some when they came out but with all things Ted I worried they'd not show until the end of the 2014 season.

He actually has done right by me the last few times I've dealt with him, but I'm admittedly gun-shy from having to deal with ultra poor follow through prior to that. It's too bad that that stuff is tainting a potential long term customer because my newer GSL's are actually pretty good.

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by tonytourist

I'm waiting for mine.
When I talked to Ted he said they would ship out last Thursday. Hopefully I'll get them soon as I would like to try them out...

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by Rascal

I ordered my GSL Micro's on 10/31/2013 when the the Ciamillo website was indicating an approximately 2 week production delay and a special intro price of $299. After a few emails and phone conversations with Ted, here's where I'm at:

On Jan 3/2014, Ted informed me by phone that he shipped the Micro's that day via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day service and they "were out the door and on their way" & provided the tracking number. This is a tracked mail service and he stated that I should see shipping progress that afternoon. As of today, 5 days later and about two and an half months after the order Ted has my $300 and there is no progress on the USPS tracking number and I don't have the Micro's that I ordered. Not happy...
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by Briscoelab

So typical. I'm sure he just created a shipping label, in order to get a legit tracking number for you. But, in reality... nothing has changed.

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by Rascal

Feel free to prove me wrong Ted.
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by dgasmd

I have 2 sets of brakes I've been wanting to send back for a refurbish for a while. Given all I've read about their service or lack thereof, I think I will probably torpedo into a tree at 60 MPH before i send them in. I was also tempted to by a gravitas set, but having to deal with this issue in the future kept me from burning the moolah too!!

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by Briscoelab


I'm in the same boat. I've had a couple sets of OLD set of Zero G (both Ti and SS) and was pleased with them overall. I'd very much like to get a set of Gravitas, but I just can't bring myself to 1. Take the risk of not getting them in a reasonable amount of time. 2. Supporting a company that continually screws people over.

Ted's products are great, overall. He could damn near be printing money if he would just get the customer service thing reasonably sorted.

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by carbonLORD

This is why you order through dealers.

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by Rascal

Agreed, and lesson learned...
On the positive side, Ted did aswer his phone everytime I called. Overall he seems like a good guy, but the follow-thru on promises just wasn't happening. I still have my original Zero Ti with upraded cam on my light bike and was looking forward to the new Micro. But in the end, I called Ted and cancelled my order which was soon followed by Customer Refund Notification. Holding on to hope that Ted will quicky execute on this final step of this transaction (my $299 credited to my VISA account) without needing to get my lawyer involved. I have to say that I still love his products and ideas and wish him the best going forward. I would still buy Ciamillo products, I think Ted does make cool and quality stuff and appreciate what he has contributed.
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