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by audiophilitis

jpanspac wrote:
Phill P wrote:HSC make full ceramic bearings as well - but they don't recommend even zirconia races for use on bikes. The shock loads tend to cause the races to crack.

I know a few brands use them for BBs - but the price increase is enormous

Yes, there is that risk. But the way I see it, the BB is suspended between the wheels so won't take much road shock. I'm doing it more as an experiment than anything else. So far so good. However, I would never put full ceramics in a front hub.

I had the HSC full ceramic bearings on my THM BB and they only lasted less than 6 months -- about 700 or so miles. The ceramic races are quite delicate and can easily shatter when you hit a bump while off the saddle. BB started to creak after about 700 miles of the full ceramic install. When I spun the cranks on a stand without the chain, it was obvious that the bearings were toast.

Replaced them with HSC hybrids -- good so far after about 1000 miles.

by Weenie

Phill P
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by Phill P

if you are going to do it - at least use zirconia races. However HSC don't even recommend that for BBs.

HSC have complete hybrid BB units as well as the 5mm width 6805 use for ultra torque, the 6mm width for shimano, and 6806.

Just stick to hybrids

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