Carbon Crumpton SL Road or Ti Firefly?

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by coppercook62

Man that bike is so nice

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by jpanspac

This isn't really a fair comparison, but here goes...

I currently ride a custom Crumpton SL. Before that I had a custom Spectrum Super (Ti). The Spectrum was a really nice bike, but I'd take the Crumpton over it every time. I'm not a big rider, but I'm strong, and the Spectrum was just a bit too flexy for me on the hills.
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by kode54

LionelB wrote:The real answer here is to get both. But if you want only one go for the Crumpton, you will not be disappointed.

yes. both will ride differently. so my vote is for one of each.
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by Tinea Pedis

shimmeD wrote:Firefly reviewed in RIDE - absolutely delicious!

Toby owns it. I got to ride it.

Some pics on his Instagram. Extremely nice. And I say that as an owner of another brand's top end Ti.

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by Stuartclark1977

I'd also say that in response to 11.4 test riding a stock bike rather than custom bike specific to you (as per your existing Crumpton) is not the same as going through the whole process with Firefly.

Kevin was great at designing a frame for me, taking on board my style of riding, previous bikes, what I liked and didn't, aesthetics, my weight and so on. Tyler then built a wonderful frame that just brought the full enjoyment of going out for a ride back to me!

I'd recommend anyone to go through the process with Firefly and they won't be disappointed but I also suspect the same is true with Crumpton, Engin, Baum or whoever is chosen in this segment of the market. As someone else said I think it will come down to aesthetics and material choice at the end of the day...

Look forward to seeing whatever gets built up though.

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