Favourite WW tubular tire? Let's keep it light and plush!

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by RedRacer

I am finally entering the tubular club and need some WW tire advice.

A big part of my reason from changing from clinchers (Michelin Pro 4 200g+ 75g tubes = 275g ) is to save weight.

What are the top WW tubular tires? Regarding durability, I detest getting flats but I don't mind replacing tires every ~1500 miles to keep them fresh.

Lots of chat about the Vittoria Corsa CX (250g) but are there others I should consider?

There are many, many threads on this. Please, use search.

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by sungod

another is veloflex carbon (or criterium for natural sidewalls) at 255g

tbh at this weight sharp stuff will puncture them, but the current rear one i'm running has been patched+booted after a larger cut and had two small punctures quickly sealed with tufo extreme

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