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by rma

5DII wrote:Question for you guys.

Any functional/tactile differences between 6800 and 9001 shifters?

Asking because I recently upgrade my components from 6800 to 9000 (going to put the 6800 components on the TT bike). Didnt buy the shifters yet though. Ignoring price, cable snapping and weight, are the 9001 shifters better than the 6800 shifters in any way?

I think the short answer is no. I have 9000 on my S3 and 6800 on my R3 and cannot feel any difference, even if I look for it... hahaha

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by dmulligan

I want to replace the cables on my almost new Cervelo R3 as part of a handlebar swap. It has all Dura Ace cables and I love how my 6800 group set shifts with it. However DA 9000 cable sets get quite pricy at the LBS. I have read that the brake outers are the BC-9000 and new and different. However I've also read that the brake inner, the gear outer and the gear inner are all SP41. Is that correct? Or are they SP41 with SP41 grease pre-injected? Or are they something else and new?

by Weenie

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by TurboKoo

Sp41 outers are the same. Inner cables are different.
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by Thirstyman

recently experienced the RD cable failure at 3200 miles. Went from fine shifting to hanging shifting in the middle of the cassette only within one ride. When I removed the cable it was hanging by 2 stands. 9001 shifters. great until they stop working.

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by Titanium22

Me too. Full 9001 groupset, shifting became slow, I thought it was down to the fibre type coating coming off and causing ridges. I decided to change the inners, what a nightmare to even get them out of the outers, as the coating bunches up making it impossible to pull through. After much scratching off of the coating, I finally got the inner out, only to discover that the cable was failing 2cm from the nipple, the same as the 9000 shifters apparently do.

This is not good enough! They are supposed to be the best you can get. Before people pipe up about Di2, 2 friends have been left stranded by electrical faults in the last week.

Wondering if the powercordz would fail?????

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by Titanium22

Bike shop gave me some new cables, they are cheaper than the dura ace cables, about £5 each, and are coated in a greeny blue colour. He said that shimano were now using these rather than the fibre coated browny coloured cables that fray and the coating comes off. Will see how they go.

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by Titanium22

I have not fitted the cables yet so can't comment, but as this is weight weenies I weighed them and some others from goodridge.

Shimano (Pair of greeny blue coated coated gear cables) 34g
Goodridge (Black PTFE coated pair gear cables) 24g

10g saved :beerchug:

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by Ozrider

Jagwire Road Pro Elite work really well with DA 9001, and I recently had mine recabled with SRAM cables (sacriledge) and they work perfectly.just as smooth as with the DA cables.

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by cyclespeed

I had 2 broken cables too, with DA9000. I saw that DA9001 had been brought out to address this problem, so I contacted Shimano and told them I wasn't happy about having to buy new shifters to correct their problem, but they were having none of it and told me to take a running jump basically. Not impressed.

Haven't had a broken cable yet with the 9001's, but this is on my 2nd bike, which does less miles.

I'm not really into conspiracy theories, but could it be that Shimano engineered breaking cables into hitherto perfectly reliable shifters to encourage everyone to upgrade to Di2?!!

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by wheelsONfire

I think these could be worth a look!
http://jagwire.com/products/v/shift_inn ... k_uncoated

Coated wires can hold pretty well, but some of them fray very easy.
There is also some cheaper inner wires which hold well from kcnc.
I have several of the cheapest, never any problem and they shift well, never slack or such.
http://www.kcnc.com.tw/products.php?fun ... _parent=16

I have had several Shimano that holds well, and some of them started to fray directly when mounting/ pulling through housing.

Best i have used is probably Jagwire Elite link shift and brake kits.

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