Winter Bib Tights: Chamois / No Chamois

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by gitsome

God yes,..
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by Devon

I wear bog standard running tights under my bibs from about November-mid March.
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by HakeemT

Why would one wear tights under their bibs? So rather than sitting on the chamois, intended to decrease friction and therefore chafing, saddle sores etc. the first layer is a pair of tights, negating all the benefits that a good chamois provides?

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by xnavalav8r

Agreed. Chamois against the sensitive bits. Tights over bibs...

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by Devon

Never experienced any of the aboe issues wearing them underneith. I find it more comfortable and it looks better (roadies are supposed to be vain right?) Ridden 250km+ rides like this and been supremely comfortable and warm/dry.
Campagnolo; because it's a bicycle, not a fishing rod.

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by ayrej2

I've got the Rapha deep winter tights (without chamois) and they're brilliant for anything below 5 degrees C.

Great for commuting on the coldest days, I've never been cold wearing these. In fact I can normally get away with wearing a little less on top as I tend to get too warm in them.

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by eurperg

I didn't like Rapha deep winter tights at all, because they are not windproof from the lumbar area. Nothing worse than a chilly wind blowing to your sweaty lower back. A sure way to get a lumbago at least for me...

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by fireball05

I bought some Giordana formared bib tights with the fleece liner. The most expensive, and nicest piece of kit I own. Good down to about 25-30 degrees and a light drizzle. Any colder than that and I'm indoors!

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by Gearhead65

Without reading through all the previous posts I'll weigh in. I use Gore thermal bibs without chamois and my regular bibs underneath. Good for approx 20F with other proper winterwear
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by Jmeloy

btompkins0112 wrote:I have a few set of tights that do not have chamois that I wear over my regular bibs.....I sourced them locally, but I think they were Sugoi if that helps.

Same approaching I take with good results.

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by WeightySteve

Most chamios are only stitched in after all. A craft knife and a bit of patience is all that's required.

I've unpicked them out of my 3 pairs of Sportful No-Rain Thermals last month because this spring I finally took a "gamble" on some Mille S5's and now nothing else will ever seat me on a bike again.

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by Musiker

I also have a pair of rapha deep winter tights. Wear them over a set of short bibs. Never frozen anything they covered, biggest problem for me is keeping toes warm (Thin socks, Wool socks, winterboots and neopren over them and i sometimes still end up with cold toes on long icy rides)..

Ps. I also greatly prefer my winter tights with no chamois.

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