Veloflex Extreme Tough Enough?

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by audiophilitis

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and experiences -- good or otherwise on the Veloflex Extreme. Just another follow up question regarding ageing -- does the ageing start from the production date stamped on the tire, or do you guys start your countdown based on the day you took possession of the tire? Although I received the Extremes a couple of days ago, the production date stamped is Feb 2012 -- so it's technically 20 months old. Are these considered aged?

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by LionelB

Yes, they are aged.12 months from production date is my rule of thumb.

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by sugarkane

I use front extremes and rear carbons for my daily ride. I don't commite, only train and race on em.
I age for a minimum of 6 months but 12 is better :thumbup:

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by Dimitri

i flatted one on the front after about 3 rides. but they were very fresh.

regardless i went to pave's front and rear and did 3000 k's on those. (weekend race wheels)

im now on extreme front and corsa cx rear (25mm).

2 weekends and so far so good. 12 months of aging is probably helping :)

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by thprice

Posted earlier:
Both fdegrove and sugarkane provided great feedback below the post.

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