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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by crewman

+1 for the Kurt Kinetic road machine. I've owned one for three years and let my friends use it as well. They all say it has the best road feel of all the units they use.
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by RoyalV

Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll works for me (and my core)...

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by uraqt

I would spend a few hours here before I bought anything,


One of best reviews on the net and he has access "normal" people don't : )


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by CerveloBert

Another +1 for Kurt Kinetic (I have the Rock n Roll version). The one that rocks back and forth has a very authentic road feel to it - plus it has been known to give a very consistent power readout if you were to use a program like TrainerRoad that uses a virtual power reading.

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by tinozee

Kurt Road Machine - durable and stable as all hell. I keep it right here in my office/gym and hop on almost daily, even after long rides. I keep my second bike on it. Anytime I feel tight or want to lift weights or foam roll I just hop on and warm up with a fast light spin. I ride outside year round so I never sit on the thing for 2 hours like some guys. For intervals I like to use the outdoor trainer (bike trail).

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by vlastrada

Right now I use a very simple CycleOps Fluid2 which is very simple but its sturdy and it works well. It has no resistance settings but the level is permanently set, and is about right (for me). I only use it for interval work, and then the gears do the rest of the adjustment. All in all for about $300 it seems reasonable. I put my speed sensors on the real wheel for speed and use my SRM powermeter.

I have had a Tacx Fluo which was OK, but the included "power meter" was rubbish. when you see the readings side by side with a real power meter you really realize its wasted money IMO, and the difference between the to readings is all over the place.

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by Causidicus

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by brycerider

I have a KK Rock and Roll. Fluid unit is excellent - best "road" feel of any I have tried particularly with the bigger flywheel fitted. Rocking motion of dubious utility. Very well built but very heavy and quite bulky to store.

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Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

To date I still have not purchased, I'm watching and (half heartedly) bidding for some on ebay but they are over priced
I think it would be easier if I knew what one I actually want
Here are the criteria
Road-like feel
Suitable for "proper" intervals throughout the year
Constant resistance ie non-progressive resistance
Use of bike gears as opposed to the gimmicky handlebar shifters

What is the advantage of fluid over magnetic over wind resistance

The Saga Continues....

Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

Almost back to square 1....
I have taken all the accolades about the Kurt Kinetic on board but value wise I think it is coming down to the Cycle Ops Super Magneto Pro or the Jet Fluid Pro (Jet Fluid Pro slightly ahead as I can get a good deal on one)
Is there a difference in these models or do I stop faffing and just buy and be damned?

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by spud

I've ridden the Fluid2, the Jet Pro, and the Kurt. They are all good, it depends on what you want out of them.

The Fluid2 has little inertia, so it puts a premium on good pedal technique to avoid the surge/slip pedal cycle. Its load curve ramps up very quickly, so it's not quite as pleasurable to ride as the other two, but if you can get past not being able to really use gears past the 15 cog, it's good. The resistance curve also shifts quite a bit higher once you've got the unit warmed up, it's not a defect as far as I'm concerned. I've ridden mine for 10+ years, and it's still going strong.

The Jet Pro and the Kinetic are similar in feel, with the jet Pro being a little noisier, and the Kurt being slightly smoother due to more inertia. between the two of them, I'd probably just take the better deal.

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by KB

Enda Marron wrote:Constant resistance ie non-progressive resistance
The Saga Continues....

I've had the same problem and burned some money trying. I've found that the fluid trainers are no good for me because as you pedal faster, the resistance increases without changing gear, so I've been looking for one that just requires one that replicates road conditions where you change gear to increase speed. I bought an all singing all dancing Tacx turbo (dead loss) and an Elite trainer (fluid and also a dead loss).

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by NealH

I've been using the Kurt Kinetic for 3 years and no issues. I don't pedal long training sessions as trainers are incredibly boring. But an hour hear and there, they work pretty well. KK has excellent customer service and the trainer is solid.

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by spdntrxi

Anyone have one of those new wahoos.. The strava segments integration is kinda neat

Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

Thread Over!
I went and ordered the Cycle Ops Super Magneto Pro plus the training pack (mat, riser, sweat "thong!!!!?" and DVD)
I went for it as I became very dubious about the progressive resistance of the Jet Fluid Pro model despite my wanting to use the bike's gears, I don't think that the Jet Fluid Pro would be a major departure from my old faithful Elite Travel
I did like the fact that the Magneto Pro has four very definite resistance settings; Easy, Road, Intervals, Hills (as opposed to a gimmicky 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) and that according to my research these four settings are quite precisely calibrated, so its a little like getting a turbo with an inbuilt Power meter
In addition to this all the reviews have been excellent. These reviews also indicated that whilst the Jet Fluid Pro is excellent and would not disappoint the Magneto Pro will probably be more suited to my needs - specific intervals and improving my climbing abilities.
Also the purchase will lead to a huge weight loss as I've blown all my money on it and I won't be able to afford food for months!

I will report back when I get it
Meanwhile keep the thread going as WW's provide the best views on kit

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