Pinarello Dogma 65.1 think 2 (or Dogma2) vs. Cervelo R5

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by RoyalV


I'm looking for "true climbers bike" as my next ride (actually replacing a frame). My finalists are Pinarello Dogma 65.1 think 2 (or 2013 BoB Dogma2) or Cervelo R5 - and I would like to hear first hand expressions/preferences which way you would lean? I'm small rider (so small frame) and my goal is to get the bike close to official 6,8kg weight limit (not 5kg), so the weight difference is not the issue for me.

What about the differences between Dogma 65.1 think 2 and Dogma2 BoB 2013? The Dogma2 is drastically cheaper at the moment, so is there any major differences (besides the weight) that should be considered? Tech differences are mentioned many places, but would like to hear if someone has actually rode both.

Ps. I have one more option also - Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, but I'm bit of skeptical about the ride and handling compared the ones mentioned above.

Thanks for opinions! 8)

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by vboy19


I have a BOB dogma 2. The difference between the Think2 and dogma2 is the Think2 has routing for both cable and electric and the frame is 50 grams lighter in weight. The Dogma2 is sold as either an electric frame or conventional cable frame.

In terms of the Dogma, I really love mine. It's amazing on the road and great in the descents. I was thinking about getting a new bike this year, but really couldn't find one that compares to the Dogma. I know there will be a lot of haters, but you just can't beat the ride quality.

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by DMF

Just curious, how did you arrive at the two finalists Dogma and R5, seems like two very different bikes? I'm not saying one is better than the other, but they are quite different personalities (as different as pure race breed bikes now will be.)

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by turndownwhip

After reading the velonews bike comparison (in which the Dogma Think 2 and the RC5CA were both reviewd) I'd say none. It confirmed what I thought about them both. Marketing hype. Please don't be offended if you own one of these bikes - because our purchasing choices are largely based on the bikes looks (whether we choose to believe this or not)... I am just saying you could build lighter and stiffer setups for way less so broaden your horizons maybe?

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by coloclimber

Throw enough $ at it and you can build both to similar weights.

Remember- What goes up must come down. I would much rather descend on the Dogma and enjoy its ride on almost every other surface.
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by justkeepedaling

Has anyone here ridden a RCA?

The upcoming R5 is going to have that tube shaping

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by mike

you cannot go wrong with the pinarello. it is by far my favorite ride, even though it is a couple pounds heavier than my ultralight bike.

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by goodboyr

justkeepedaling wrote:Has anyone here ridden a RCA?

The upcoming R5 is going to have that tube shaping

Just rode my RCA at the Levis Gran Fondo. Its an amazing ride. Super light, very responsive. Rock solid on the descents. I am a very happy camper. Mine is a 56 with 9070 and zipp 404 tubbies.

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by RoyalV

Thanks for opinions so far.

What comes to questions:
1. I'm current Cervelo S-series rider and been happy with the bike that I have. Now just looking elsewhere in terms of a bike type.
2. I'm based my "choices" on reviews and opinions. I'm not able to test drive all the bikes that I'm interested so I have to take notes from different sources and then reflect those on my own experiences.
3. My opinion about marketing is that you have see "through it". Marketing itself doesn't make any bike better or worse. That's why you have to research, research and research. That's why ask questions here (and lots of other places & people).
4. My picks are not "final" until I make the purchase. Even if I like some bike for long time and hear/see good stuff about it, it might eventually end up that my choice is elsewhere for some "last minute" information. So if someone has good hint, I'm more than happy to hear about it (with good arguments).

Ps. Thanks vBoy19 for your thoughts about the Dogma differences.

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by airwise

Just as an aside, I thought the 65.1 also used a different grade of carbon and therefore most likely a different layup. It would be interesting to know if they actually rode any differently.

For myself, I've seen way too many cracked or written off Cervelos to want another one. I sometimes wonder whether they push the boundaries a little bit, and if their focus is on other areas than robustness and longevity.

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by em3

...not to state the obvious, but the best informed decision can only be made after you ride them both, especially given the hefty price tag on both. Keep in mind that the geo differences between the Pina and Cervelo are substantive, so one choice might be eliminated if the geo doesn't work for you. As for reaching the 6.8 Kg weight goal, that will be easy with either, but more so on the Cervelo...I reached sub 6.8 Kg on my R5 without even trying (no tuned parts, just durable stuff that works).

Good luck, EM3

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by RoyalV

No need to quote the above

That's so true (unfortunately). My problem is though that there ain't no Pina retailer in my country. Cervelo is kind of a safe bet, because I used to ride one (S5) and able to test it. The reason I'm doing research and ask questions that if there's someone out there who has experience both of the bikes and tell about the differences (own experience perspective)... 8)

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by Mccaria

I have a Dogma 2 and a R5 VWD. The Dogma is a 57.5 cm and the R5 is the 58 cm. The geometry is very different, especially noticeable at the head tube where on the D2 I have spacers under the stem, whereas with the R5 I struggle to get low enough and have been experimenting with a -17' stem.

The R5 is a very light bike, quite discreet paintwork and very simple external cabling. Some of the internal finish on the carbon is rougher and of course it has the BBright bottom bracket (which I am not a fan of, but others like). The D2 is a more solid (heavier) frameset with opulent "look at me" paintwork, I find it a better finished frame and I like threaded BBs (albeit this is Italian)

As em3 says, these are very different frames. If I wanted a bike for a lot of climbing, then I would go for the R5 frame (as long as you can get the bars in the right position with the long head tube), for a more aggressive ride on flatter roads then it would be the D2.

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by MarkGiardini

Two dope bikes...kudos :grin:
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by Mccaria

oh don't worry, I've got more than that !!

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