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by ty-ro

raspaa wrote:I used to wear Northwave Aerator and I enjoyed them. Big, roomy toe box for my wider feet...I kept them for about 2 years.

Then I ran into a pair of Shimano R300 wide version...that was it. The R300 made the Aerator look chunky and feel heavy..the R300 are the most comfortable shoes for me. I didn't even mold them to my feet and they fit like glove. I'd like to give the R310 a try when it's time for me to change the shoes.

I also tried Specialized BG pro shoes and those fit pretty nicely as well, they were just at a higher price point so I opted for the R300. Absolutely no regrets.

Good luck!

R300 are my all time favorites too. I bought some R310 and do not like them. I bought some R315 and they are excellent shoes. If I were you, I might skip over the 310 and go for the 315. The uppers on the 315 are far more supple and soft, whereas the 310 are very harsh feeling. The custom molding on the 315 seems to be more effective too. The 315 has a lighter overall look and feel too; thinner fabrics and better comfort.

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by veloflyte

Here is something you might be very interested in....
I have a small business manufacturing carbon fiber items for road bikes. One of my latest items addresses the shoe width and fit question directly...
I have been a road rider/amateur racer for many years. Some years ago I developed a hot spot on my right small toe joint on the outside edge of course and since my shoes were near the end of their life anyway I decided to cut open the side of the shoe to remove all tension from the afflicted area.
It was such a relief I went all the way and made a slit all the way around the front of both of my shoes opening up the entire toe box. It was very comforting change!
Fast forward to today.. I now produce an item that makes any shoe the most comfortable fitting shoe that can possibly exist.
It is a Custom, Carbon Fiber, 3-Dimensional insole. It supports the arch like most other insoles do but it goes much further... The 3D insole wraps up around the sides of the foot encasing the foot in a cocoon of perfectly formed Carbon. What this does is it keeps the shoe from compressing all of the bones, ligaments, and nerves in the foot and it also stops the shoe from cutting off circulation. Now the shoe can no longer compress the foot in a horizontal plane and it does the one and only thing a shoe should...hold the foot down without irritation. There are a few more features that make this custom carbon insole even more attractive but I dont want to ramble on here too much since it is a forum and not specifically a sales arena.
Just go to www.veloflyte.com and take a look at the Custom Carbon 3D insole page and it will expain so much more.


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by x43x

I got a lot of good info from this thread. I tried on a whole lot of shoes over the past week...most of them were disappointing. I have really small feet so no one carries my size usually. I did try on some Specialized Elites to get the sizing, then ordered a pair of S-Works in White/Black. What is annoying is that Specialized doesn't offer the wide version of their Pro shoe until size 41. I need a 40. The standard Elite fit pretty well and I'm hoping the S-Works can be dialed in better with the boa system.

I also considered some Bonts and actually found a local retailer. Now I know they are supposed to be molded to your foot and what not, but holy hell were they uncomfortable. Plus, after reading the Bont thread, I think I will stay clear...sounds like too many problems to deal with.

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by maxima

I find the Bont Shoes fit well, but they are still Liht years behind Sidi in workmanship for their uppers.

The "WIDE" size Bont are the BEST WIDE shoes you can find currently! Nothing fits better and in many cases of other brands - WIDE shoes comes in wider Uppers BUT NOT WIDER CARBON SOLE :?: IN the case of Specialized Shoes. They are not WIDE! Sidis Ero 2 Carbon Lite have a WIDER Carbon sole at the front part of the sole! Specialized is wider at the uppers only! This is base on what I've have brought and measured side by side between Bont Vaypor, Bont A2 "Wide:, Sidi Ero 2 & Specialized BG Pro 2011.

Go and "measure" yourself. Measurement don;t lied.......... :smartass:

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by ritcheykestrel

The best shoes in a wide, Vittoria.

The Super Wide or Asian Fit is a EEE Width. And they offer this on EVERY SINGLE MODEL!!! And they offer their shoes in a multi-length option so you can get the right size shoes for your feet.

I did it as I have two different sized feet. My left is longer than the right. And I need a wide shoe. The best fitting shoes I have ever had!!!


And they are 100% made in ITALY!
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by timzcat

Any input i appreciated. I currently have a pair of Shimano R220 that have been heat molded and I really like the shoe but when I do a lot of hills or out of the saddle I get really bad pains in the ball of my left foot. To me it's not a hot spot but more a bruising effect. What I have figured out to this point is that a day later (today) if I take the insole out of the shoe and put my foot it I can immediately feel the point of pain. Best I have figured is that my foot is wider then the carbon sole and I am effectively stepping on the edge of the sole with the outside part of the ball of my foot. I did some width measurements and my foot with weight on it is wider then the sole. I am left handed so it's my stronger leg but measuring the right foot it is not as wide and is real close to the soles width. I have never experience this on the right foot.

At this point I plan on looking into maybe a pair of R240E shoes, big question at this point is sole width. Does anyone know if the sole itself is wider on the Es for Shimano shoes?

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by maxima

i own the Vittoria HORA, I agrees the WIDE version is good. But, it's WIDE due to the wider uppers. If you inspect carefully, the uppers/leather is moulded and curved outwards a fair bit to accomodate a wider foot. This make a comfortable Fit for folks with Wide Feet.

BUT, If you measure the Carbon Sole of the shoe, it's not that Wide in comparison to BONT -> probably the widest in the Market. I do find BONT wider carbon sole provide noticable better power transfer. Sidi Ero II is better in upper fit(very soft leathers) that fit your foot as the shoe age. Vittoria is good, not the fit is not as good on the upper leather - they used a harder leather - which just as well LAST better than Sidi.

All have their pros and cons.

Which ever brand or model that works for you will be your best shoe.

ritcheykestrel wrote:The best shoes in a wide, Vittoria.

The Super Wide or Asian Fit is a EEE Width. And they offer this on EVERY SINGLE MODEL!!! And they offer their shoes in a multi-length option so you can get the right size shoes for your feet.

I did it as I have two different sized feet. My left is longer than the right. And I need a wide shoe. The best fitting shoes I have ever had!!!


And they are 100% made in ITALY!

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jasjas wrote:NorthWave Airlite 3 every time! (i cant get on with the ratchet straps of ANY manufacturer)
They are just so comfy, super thin carbon sole and far far better made than either the Sidi Ergo's, Shimano R160's or Spesh Pro's i have tried before, no hot spots under the feet and no heel lift at all.

Of course shoes like saddles are subjective and they ll be many different opinions.

I use the wear Northwaves, but then a few years ago, they narrowed the toe box. Are these wider again? I wear Shimano 220 and 300e's and fit great, but its time to get new shoes.
Maybe I will try Northwave again.

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by cycledan

I have to buy wide widths in all my shoes. For cycling shoes I tried Lake, Carnac, Shimano and would always get pain in the side of my foot. Since I started with Sidi Mega (their wide width), no more pain. Expensive but worth it IMHO.

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by Mikmik

I have a Shimano pair of shoes that have served me well but are getting too ratty for the euro-pro look :). After not being able to wear my Sidi's as I seem to be getting wider feet (is that even possible?!?!?!) I am in need of a new pair of shoes.

So, can you please suggest a wide option for a manufacturer. I am looking for a midrange quality shoe in size 48.

Thank you for your time.

Mik. :)
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by Valbrona

Shimano do wide fit in some of their styles. They call it 'E fit' and is denoted by a letter E appearing after the model no.

Shimano shoes are ok for the price. Like everything else Shimano.

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by ghostrider1tm

I too have a wide foot and very few shoes fit me well. I just bought a pair of the specialized 74 shoes and love them, plenty wide for my foot, kangaroo leather, carbon sole, retro look, modern technology

la rosa
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by la rosa

Try Bont shoes

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by Clubagreenie

I second BONT
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by vitriol

Shimano SH-R241E Wide

I have them in size 41. I normally wear 8.5EEEE.

Only shoes I found that fit my feet, plus they are heat moldable for a more custom fit.

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