Top 5 frames you have ever ridden

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by jostanderhub

Here is my share of experience (5 worst rides out of 27 owned bikes):

The "Worst Frame Ever" goes to:
Orbea Euskatel Replica (Columbus Starship tubes)
Nice painting, good geometry but extremly flexy

Second Price is awarded to:
Rocky Mountain Turbo TO Scandium
Same as the Orbea: Nice look - frustrating ride.

The "Most Overrated Frame" (Price/value)
Merlin Cyrene
Neither fast nor comfy. But expensive

The "Most Underrated Frame" (Price/value)
Colnago Primavera
The entry-level Frame from Taiwan with the famous brand
on it. The best geometry I ever had ridden. Why did I sell it?

The "best Bang for the $"
C´dale Super6
No matter if HM or not - this is a reliable, forgiving Frame
without any substantial weakness.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Baum Ristretto
Baum Corretto
Look 595
Giant Trinity (just so, so fast)
CAAD9 (wish I never sold it)

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by LionelB

boolinwall wrote:I've been looking at pegoretti's for ages. The Emma is the ideal bike for my riding style. But finding one or waiting for one are not really options. I worried about the Respo not being stiff due to it being made of XCR. Strong, rustproof, but also quite light. Light and stiff don't usual go together with steel. Plus, it's listed as a comfortable ride. Again, comfy and stiff don't usually match up with steel. I have looked at the Duende and do like the idea of saving $2,000. But I live in a coastal community with salted roads all winter. Stainless steel just simply makes sense. I do appreciate the input.

I would not worry about a respo being a noodle... I would worry about the BLE being way too stiff for you. I have a Marcelo and it is super stiff, I ride a 61cm.

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by KB

Supersix 2007 that I have here in Nigeria. Heavier that the S6 Evo, but love this frame. Comfortable and responsive. I've got the Evo, but I've not ridden it properly yet.
Caygill - Columbus Ultra Foco with a carbon rear end - great to ride
Kevin Winter - Colmbus Spirit - another beauty
Giant TCR - very comfortable, but not sexy
Omega TI - nice bike, but I prefer steel

Worse one's - the 2 aluminium bikes I had. Could never get along with them
Stork Scenario 0.9 - fastest bike I've ever ridden, but beat me to death. My arms used to ache like hell.

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