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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Well Tom,

you just hit the thread that discussed the One tires. Please sit down and scroll through its pages and have a read.

Many thanks!
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by davidevo9000

I've had the Ones (23mm clinchers) and think they are great! no punctures and fantastic levels of grip over the last 1500miles. they have worn down but nothing too bad

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by noctilux

First time I installed my Schwalbe Ones (tubeless), I put them on my campy Shamals, hoping to get a better ride. the ride did become smoother due to lower tire pressures ca. 90-95 psi. However during my first major outing on this set, my rear suffered a cut, spewing all sealant out of the tire. I tried to pump it up by the sealant would not hold. Cut was too severe to keep using after that ride so I bought another "One" to replace it.
This wheelset was among a few sets I was using so it did not rake in too much miles/kms. I estimate i used it for maybe 1500 kms in 10 months. I then used it for a 160km fondo north of the metro. After that epic ride, there were so much cuts on both tires I have decided to buy conti GP's and replace them. I don't think I will get Schwalbes again.

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by Gunjira

Just had a shakedown ride with a 25/28 f/r tubeless combo. Really plush. Although I took it off-road along a stone seaside trail with crushed shells to boot, no cuts yet.
In regards to the many reports of cuts, maybe just like with tubulars, the tires need some storage time for the rubber to harden?

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

After an awkward start with Schwalbe One 23cm clinchers, I've decided to do it again ... I'm going to replace my One's with another set. I appreciated the compliant ride and didn't puncture again after getting one or two early on. Very, very few cuts. And no irritating loose black hairs that plagued my Ultremo's (got caught non-stop in the rear der jockey wheels).
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by oreoboreo

I put on some early spring rubber and wanted a change. I have been a conti 4000s and s2 for the past 12k miles (several sets and flats). I wanted to try something different. Yesterday was the first ride on the new One, they were different. I hit a 40 mile loop with 15% grades, the worse old chip seal down hill at 40 mph, corners that are like snake coils. I can tell you that they are much smoother and really do feel like I can push more in the corners.

Not sure how long they will last, with all the reviews here. Either way I wanted to give them a shot and so far so good.

They are mounted to my HED Belgium's on the Cannondale EVO. 23mm tires final inflated to 24.56 at 100lbs.
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Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I actually had great durability with the ones. I did have sealant in them, and had slashes, but I rode them until the tread squared off. Never flatted them.

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by martinSL

7 guys back from San Diego \ Escondido camp. 2 on Contis 4000S 23 and 25, 2 on ONEs tubeless 23, one on Ultremo DDs 25 and 2 on ONEs 23/25 clinchers.
All tires were well used before. 3 out of 5 guys on clinchers were on latex.
5 days, 340 miles, 32K vertical, tires were pushed hard :-) (only few miles of gravel roads but these sets of tires were ridden on gravel before). Descend speeds up to 58 mph with late and hard braking. Temps in high 80s low 90s

    one Ultremo DD puncture - pinhole and butyl
    slight ONE tubeless 23 bulge due to sever pothole hit - deformation is visible. No air leaks and no noticeable changes in ride quality (replacement might be due to safety concerns)
    Few tires show some cuts but nothing extraordinary
    Everyone happy with the tires
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by Courant

Folks, any feedback on the narrower 22mm One tubular, particularly ride quality/grip? These are to go on some older deep section aero wheels that currently have a set of Veloflex's on them - these are race wheels so reluctant to go up to 24mm and compromise aero performance. Thanks!

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by DeeHubbs

I just installed some Shwalbe One 28mm Tubeless on some Ultegra 6800TL's wheels. The clearance in my Felt Z frame looks good. Actual measurement of 27.6mm @100psi. I am looking forward to these 28's to offer a softer ride by lowering the pressure a little.
They replaced some Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tubeless 23mm.
Once I put some miles on them I will report back.

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by bigfloor

Got my new Giant P-SLR wheels, which are tubeless ready, ordered some Tesa 4289 tape (=Stans Notubes tape), Schwalbe Tubeless valves+extenders. Then popped Schwalbe One Tubeless tires on them (needed to use the soapy stuff from Schwalbe). Got them airtight, and then put in some latex via the valves. Will take them for a spin this easter weekend. Have been riding Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tubeless on 2 wheelsets, so I think I'm qualified to find out if tge One will be better, keep you posted

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by Alumen

Opening an older, but still relevant (Schwalbe One's though) topic...

I have read a lot of the Schwalbe One's width, but not so much on the height though. Trying to compare the height difference between a 25mm and if 28mm will fit in my frame on a 17C rim.

Does somebody has any numbers on this please ?
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by waltthizzney

how big do the 28mm blow up for the new versions?

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by spartan

the new version have gained considerable weight.

my 28 weight is 330gm !!!! 60gm more than advertised. wtf
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by Hexsense

spartan wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:14 am
the new version have gained considerable weight.

my 28 weight is 330gm !!!! 60gm more than advertised. wtf
That is exactly the weight of Schwalbe One Tubeless, isn't it?
are you sure you get the non tubeless version?

Schwalbe One 28c 254g
Schwalbe One Tubeless 28c 340g
Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless 28c 291g

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