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by rosuch

I recently switched to a compact and find that I am not using the small ring as I spin and actually feel like I'm going backwards on climbs. I am building out my Cervelo S5 with some lightweight parts. I am thinking of Clavicula M3s and want to know if anyone has ever tried a 50/36 setup? Thank you

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by audiojan

I've been riding 50/36 Q-rings for years. Not only do I feel that I have a more useful gear using the 36, but it does shift quite a bit better than the 34 as well.

My wife is riding 52/36 on all her bikes btw. Works really well.
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by Weenie

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by quattrings

can only concur with audiojan, shifts better and if you're not getting enough use from your 34 it's the way to go.

I switched to a double crank becausethe problem with compacts is the big ring isn't big enough for climbing 8)

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by neeb

I fit 50/36 rings on all of my bikes. It's the best of all worlds IMO, for a number of reasons:

- The difference between a 50 ring and 36 is the same as between a 53 and a 39, so the gap between the rings "feels right", unlike with the slightly larger gap between a 50 and a 34.

- As long as you use a cassette with an 11 tooth smallest sprocket, you will have as big a gear as you will ever need, unless you are a pro sprinter...

- The range and overlap of gears with 50/36 rings and a 23-11 cassette is almost identical to the "standard" setup of 53/39 and 25-12.

- If you DO need serious climbing gears for stupidly steep hills, you are not going to run out of options with a 36 chain ring paired with a cassette with some moderately large sprockets such as 27 or 28T.

- For any given range of gears, a compact setup is lighter than a standard setup, because everything is smaller.

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by kode54

i ride with 52/38T and 52/36T and like the 52/38 better. with a 27 in the back, i don't feel that i need the 36 as much...but like neeb says, if you need climbing gears maybe stick with what you have. i like having the 52 on the flats.
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by sawyer

I have had 50/36 on a couple of rigs and also standard doubles and compacts. Never tried 52/36

Not convinced by the benefits of 36 as it compromises lowest gear and I rarely change down anyway unless climb is steep or long
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by Nscott1463

Could always switch from the 34 to a 36 and get a wifli RD with a 11-32 if you need the gears but get the benefits of the 36?

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by Rick

I am riding a 50-34, but I bought a 36 because I thought I would use it more and the shifting would be better.

But I also went to a Wifli derailleur and a 12-32 in the rear, and I use it even when I am using the 34 chainring for two reasons: 1) sometimes I like to take an easy day and we have a lot of steep mountains around here, and 2) Even on a hard day I want to be able to practice really sitting and spinning (higher RPM) up some of the steep hills.
They all work together fine. So just use whatever works best for you. Compact shifting is definitely less smooth and quick than standard, but it isn't really that bad either.

by Weenie

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