sram yaw FD - any good?

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by roselend

When you have chain rub on a YAW front derailleur it's either not set up right or your chainring is not perfectly straight.

Rotor chain rings are notorious for not being straight, look at them from above while spinning the cranks to see if they are straight.

Only gear where you should have chain rub is the small-small combination, but not on the front derailleur but it's the chain actually contacting the teeth of the outer ring.

The shifting of the YAW derailleur is good, about the same as 7800/7900 in my opinion. But the fact that you don't need to trim is a bliss!! When you hammer up a short hill in a race, on your big ring, doing 500+ watts, lactic acid coming out of your ears, the last thing you want to think about is trimming your front derailleur. Same applies for DI2 of course.

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by Ceebers1

-still rubs on the small-small, but works way better than the previous FD.

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by voodoojar

I finally finished setting up my bike today. It took me like 3 hours to get the Sram FD dialed in, guess I should have read the instructions. Anyway this is the best FD I have ever used. I love not having to mess with trim it makes riding so much more pleasant.

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