Tools For Novatec F482/F582 Rear Hub

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by Valbrona

There are videos on how to replace the bearings in these crappy hubs. You drift out the existing ones, and knock in the new ones. Oh, simple enough ... if you have the right tools. Would anyone be kind enough to suggest to me what tools they have used to do this? Thanks.

And a reminder again folks ... keep away from Novatec hubs. Replacement bearings are not cheap and the tools needed to replace them are probably extortionate.

by Weenie

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by theremery

really???....if you want crappy hubs try American classic for lack of seals and their constant requirement for bearing replacement (but they don't weigh much and can be found cheapish at times).
Sort through your toolbox really carefully and find sockets that fit the O.D. (less than 8/10mm under the size of the OD) of the bearings. These are good for pressing the bearings in. Getting bearings OUT can be done a shade more brutally and anything "well under" the bearing I.D. will do just fine. I think I used a bolt, nut and washer for one of them but not sure (it was a while ago and was doing quite a few wheels/hubs).
Why have you not sent it back to the supplier (who sold it to you) if it really is of poor quality?......even ebay sellers will do the decent thing if it's a poor item (usually) but, quite frankly, when I think of novatec, I think of very very good value for money. Not the lightest or prettiest but a functional cheap hub that works well and the F482 doesn't weigh a ton.
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by LouisN


Come on.

Enduro bearings are approx. $3.50 a piece.

Wheels Manufacturing sells individual bearing extractor tools for each bearing size.
You might want to check their site...around $25. I think...

Louis :)

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by kavitator

Very easy to replace - maby not all bearings are for replace.

Mostly on freehub (the outer is fastest to replace)

Just dont forget to unscrew little hexscrew on freehub body (very small) to get inner bearing out

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