Removing Decals on a Matte Black Carbon frame

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by donham1

Just wanted to reach out to the community for ideas on wet sanding the decals on the pictured bike.

Opinions, Suggestions, etc.


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by Ahillock

The picture you included is very small. I can't make out much detail at all. Try a larger picture.

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by petepeterson

Doesn't really matter what the picture looks like but assuming the decals are clear coated.

Wet sand until you get through the clear coat.
re-spray the clear coat with a spray clear coat of your desired finish.

It's very simple and only requires takes patience and attn to detail to do a nice job. Don't worry about sanding the whole frame it will look consistent when you re-spray it.

This is oft discussed here try searching if you need more info.

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by 53x12

You can try using Carbolift (if you can find it) or can go and use something like this that I have had good success with, Smart Strip Paint Remover, that you can find at Sherwin Williams. Have had zero issues with it. Doesn't damage the frame at all.


Or you can do the wet sanding which will take much longer and you have to be careful to only go through clearcoat and decals and not into the carbon layer.
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by donham1

Sorry, here we go:


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by pawnii

there's basically no way to do this without respraying the whole frameset.
You can't sand, cut, polish a matte clear coat. It will just turn it into a satin gloss finish if you do.

If you do plan to strip the whole frame and respray it a lot of people have had great results with using a razor blade and scraping off the matte and decals before wet sanding. Wet sanding alone takes too long
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