Shimano ST r785 with magura hydraulic rim calipers

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by skywalker

As per the topic... Is there any chance this will work....
I realise it my be a dumb question.

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by Omiar

You are thinking what I'm thinking.
Shimano is using mineral oil for brakes as is Magura. The only things needing research are hose end compability and the fact that both the companies offer their own "blend" of mineral oil.
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by MattSoutherden

I would think it depends more on the stroke volume than the oil
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by pyrahna

Magura seems to be using mineral oil...."Of course, the RT8 TT uses MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil." Found on

I agree that the harder and more relevant question is what is the master cylinder sizes and how compatible are they in terms of lever displacement vs. fluid displacement. You screw that up and it is either going to be terribly mushy or like a light switch.

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by bm0p700f

The same mineral oils can be used in both brakes it may not be ideal and invalidate warranties but it will work. You could citroen mineral oil in these brakes and they won't mind.

Compatibility will depend on the volume of the master and slave cylinders in each brake/lever system. If they are the same it will be fine if they are different it will be like mix brakes and levers designed for different cable pulls - a disaster.

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by jmartpr

You have to check the operating pressure.......all of maguras RT series use low pressure while all MTs are high pressure.
Fittings and lines between both series are different. It all depends at what pressure the Shimano levers work at.

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