18-20 or 22-23 Michelin latex with 25mm GP4000?

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by hmai18

A while back, some genius on this board suggested running the 18-20mm Michelin latex tube with 23mm tires to eliminate all that excess floppy tube that seems to be a standard feature when using the "normal" sized ones. Have been using Ultremos with this method for a few seasons without any issues and couldn't be happier

I'm wondering whether this tip is still OK to do when stepping up to a 25c tire...

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by NealH

I run the 22-23 tubes with my Conti 4000 25's and never had any issues. Never.

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by Colin

I'm sure it's fine. I've successfully ran 19mm tubes with my 40mm cyclocross tires.

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by ghostrider1tm

I use a different brand tire but it's a 25mm and have always(last 2calendar years and over 24000k) used the 22-23 latex Michelin with a 25mm width tire without any issues. ride is supreme wouldn't change it

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by fdegrove


I'm wondering whether this tip is still OK to do when stepping up to a 25c tire...

That genius you're referring to was me, I think. Anyway, putting a size 18-20mm Michelin latex inner tube into a 25mm wide clincher is errr..... "stretching" it a bit too far.
The problem with these Michelins is that they're too long, not too wide. Hence the bunching up inside.

I'd suggest using the 23mm version and run them at lower pressure, say 3 to 7 bar or whatever that translates in PSI.

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by nickf

For the Mich tubes I use the 18-20 for everything. The 22-23 is to big. If you can get some Vredestein tubes. Lighter and they don't seem to streatch as bad as others I have tried. Run some good high tpi tires to get the full benifit of running latex.

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