shimano 10spd chain breaking

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by tinchy

Can someone just clear these questions up:

When breaking a shimano 10spd chain should you always break it at the connecting pin as opposed to any of the other rivets?

Is this connecting pin then toast, even if not fully removed to break chain? (i.e. do I need a new connecting pin everytime I break the chain or can I just push the existing connecting pin to within 1mm of it being removed, thus enabling the chain to be broken and then just push this same pin back in fully to rejoin)


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by boolinwall

Never break a chain in the same spot twice. Or anywhere near it for that matter. When I used to use a chain that required breaking with a tool, I always tried to go as far away from any other reconnection pins as possible. Your best solution is a master link. KMC makes a pretty sweet one. Wipperman does as well, but I've had more than one failure with them. I've yet to have an issue with a KMC master link. Just make sure you get the right width.

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by eric

You must use a new connecting pin. Do not remove a connecting pin. So yes, that means breaking it at a new location each time. 10 (and 9) sp chains are too thin to allow pushing the pin almost all the way out and then back in.

The instructions that come with the chain explain all this.

KMC connecting links (and chains) work well.

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