Dura Ace 9000 11 speed cassette- rubish product design

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by uraqt

The pros use ultegra


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by mattr

+1, there probably aren't as many D-A cassettes in the pro peloton as there are in the average sportive.....

by Weenie

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by matty1000

Haha! That is awesome. Because they are using...Ultegra! So, 2 days on the new cassette, started creaking. This is, indeed, my 6th one. I am now moving to Ultegra.

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by hannawald

everybody switching to ultegra, not Sram Red?

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by beanbiken

Hah, I'm not strong enough to make mine creak let alone break it .............. or I'm deaf :cry: some of both I reckon :oops:


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by matty1000

hannawald wrote:everybody switching to ultegra, not Sram Red?

Well, I can't speak for everyone, but from what I have heard far and wide is that utilization of a DA 9000 RD (mechanical) with DA 9000 levers and a Shimano DA 11-spd chain...just works more superior with a Shimano cassette vs. SRAM.

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by jwfinesse

Tried Red 11-25 cassette with 9070 Di2 a couple years back. It never shifted like Shimano cassettes though, be it DA or Ultegra. Noise on either end of the cassette depending on the adjustment. Never bothered with it ever since.

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by Vermu

KLabs wrote:It is funny that we don't see these failing, or having any issues, in the pro races, wonder why...

Because most can just throw in new cassette between races? Even as shimano is sponsoring most of the WT teams, they can just ship new ones.
You can see that on pro-conti or lower level, the gruppo isn't DA anymore or a mix of ultegra level components.

It's us the mere mortals that are more than annoyed by the fact that creme de la creme product has a rubbish design and we need to warrant such a basic part that should
work for ages. True that it wears but considering how long this debate about DA cassette has been going - one could think that somewhere in Japan there would be an
engineer trying to fix it, alas it seems that this isn't the case.

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by Conza

hannawald wrote:I have just bought brand new 9100 11-30 cassette via ebay..after reading this thread I think I should resale it as a new..it seems to me that there is no single problem free dura ace cassette..:(

Or is there something I can do to minimise the risk of creaking/cracking? Lube rivets and apply anti-seize on the contact area between cassette and freehub?
Tighten to max or to min or something recommended?


Do it. I will be selling my temp bike (new build) with full 9100 groupset in a few months, I'll likely be warrantying the DA cassette before - then never using it, and taking a photo of the date with the cassette to further prove it hasn't been used.

Then warn the buyer that DA cassettes are crap; so when it starts to creak a few 100+ km's in; don't blame me - or the BB, or anything else but shimano design on this.
It's all about the adventure :o .

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