Dura Ace 9000 11 speed cassette- rubish product design

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by 4914

For those who may be interested in the continued issues some people have had with the carbon spider body of the DA 11spd cassette I thought id expand on the last post I made (in another section I guess)

I came across this forum after breaking the carbon body on my DA 11spd cassette on the second day I after buying a new canondale evo Super six 2013 DA

Just like a number of others who have posted the exact same issues of bad cracking noise coming from the cassette under power on any of the 3 gears on the carbon body of the cassette, or as I have completely smashed the body.

story so far is...2nd day after getting my bike the cassette breaks apart.
bike shop replaces it with one off another bike the same as mine as no DA 11spd in stock at the time.

5 days later the cassette makes a loud crackling noise under moderate power but ONLY on the 3 gears of the carbon spider body,
after reading other posts in this forum I find loads of people with different brand bikes all with DA 11spd making the same noise or breaking as mine did.

I go back to bike shop and ask them to order me another (now the 3rd DA11spd cassette) but from shimano directly I thought that perhaps cannondale got a bad batch.

They put the new cassette on, torque it down to the correct tension. Then off I go

on the way home on the bike I have the same cracking noise not even going hard, this time I take it off, lightly grease all the cogs spacers and body and then re fit again torqueing down to the correct tension with a torque wrench hoping it would be ok.

Still made exactly the same noise but though I'd leave it for a bit and see if it stopped, yesterday it broke the same way as before after 3 days of use.

there is clearly a design and manufacturing problem with this product and though I'm sure loads of people have no problems, from my experience there is no way I'd recommend DA 9000 11 spd cassette until shimano fess up to this problem and redesign.

My bike is 3 weeks old, and I've been through 3 DA cassettes, my only option now without demanding refund is to fit a SRAM 11 spd which is a much better design.

I've never had a problem with a cassette like this in the past, but then again no body has been stupid enough to put a carbon fibre spider with four measly rivets to hold the cogs on before
Shimano has always been 100% reliable for over 20 years that I've used the products... and its really bad for their reputation to take a hit from a rubbish product design, but even worse not to own up to it. The jokers at shimano UK are still making out like there is no problem.

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by PSM

7900 11/25 creaks too... :(

by Weenie

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by Tokyo Drifter

Everything will be okay. The sun will come up in the morning. Get an $80 Ultegra cassette and move on with your life.

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by bricky21

I would report it to Shimano. Then demand an utegra cassette and maybe some tires to cover the difference in price. There seems to have been enough instances to call this is an issue. My money is on Simano coming up with a soulution. Perhaps CS-9001 is in the future :noidea:

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by TrekUk

Myself and my work colleague both at the creaking with our cassettes. we BOTH found that after correct torque of 40nm had loosened off, torquing this up rectified this issue and neither of us have had an issue since.

1. im hoping the cassette is torqued upto 40mn, maybe try 50nm and see if you get the same problem.
2. It seems that something is happening on your bike that the cassette is failing in the same way each time.

we have a handful of customers on da9000 cassettes that have reported no issues after correct installation.
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by rmerka

I too had noises from my 9000 cassette in only the cogs attached to the carbon carrier and a re-torque of the cassette fixed it, permanently. I'm not saying that there's not a bad batch of cassettes floating around, that's just my experience.

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by goodboyr

And I've had an 11-25 on my 9070 drive train for 1500 km including lots of climbs and I've had no issues. Am I too weak?

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Quick question: What wheels are you using?

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by Doolop

I had the same issue with my 11-28 cassette as well. Tried everything to no avail. Warrantied it, got replacement. Problem fixed... for a week. More creaking from new cassette.

Finally just sold the whole bike.

I have a new bike coming in soon with a DA cassette, we will see if the problem is resolved.

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by mrowkoob

My Super Record ti cassette is quitet.... No I´m not being a Shimano basher just merely pointing out that the two 11 speed systems (the cassettes work cross/brand) actually are compatible now.
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by OwenJames

Hmm, this is very interesting.

I have 2 DA9000 cassettes; one on a Tune MAG170 wheel I built, and one on a Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR. I have been having some noise from the cassette on the Tune hub, but nothing from the Mavic. I will swap them over to see if this is a cassette issue, then investigate which gears the noise is occurring on (if it is on the carbon seated gears).

If the noise I am getting is coming from a dodgy carbon spider body, which now I think about which gear I was in when the noise occurred, does seem to be a definite possibility, you will have another person in this thread with the same issue!

Will report back with findings.

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by RippedUp

The SRAM Red 11 cassette works great too.

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by PSM

Off corse a SRAM cassette is quiet. I is made in one piece.

I greased mine today and I also added some copper paste... It as amazingly quiet today.
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by Rush

Are you all greasing the threads of the lock ring before you install the cassette?

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by pdlpsher1

The noisy cassette later turns into an exploding cassette. So one thinks by stopping the noise the cassette won't explode? I would be worried even if my cassette doesn't produce any noise. So far my 9000 cassette is as quiet as a mouse. However I'm quite pissed to hear about these failures on a $250 cassette.

by Weenie

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