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by jaketim114

So, with all the new aero road helmets out recently (air attack, evade, LG course, POC, etc) I've been wondering which one is actually the most aero. I haven't seen a comparison test between them yet, unless I've missed something. How long do you guys think it'll be before we get a solid comparison between them all?

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Well, many of those who have tested helmets on different people report that they are fairly individual to the person on time saved because of the differences in anatomy and posture on the bike. So even if such a test came out, be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

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by prendrefeu

I don't think we'll ever get a solid comparison test with anything unless it comes from someone outside of the industry and any media tied to it, such as what was done with FrictionFacts.

Windtunnel testing is particularly expensive, and even when some media outlets choose that method for wheels/frames/whatever, some brands do not lend their wheels for testing (for one reason or another), and there may already be an ulterior bias due to advertising or nationality of origin, etc:. A lot of 'personal variables' come into play, unfortunately.

It would be a beautiful day when there is a patron wealthy enough (and passionate enough) to use windtunnel & staffing time to test independently purchased products from all relevant manufacturers, not just the big names.

For example with wheels: wouldn't it be great to see how the newer Open Mould "wide aero" compared to November's Rail, Boyd's new wheels, Flo, ZIPP, Enve, Reynolds, CarbonSports, Xentis, Easton and others? Instead with magazine testing we only hear about the 'big names'.
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