Challenge Criterium Tubular - only 1375 miles & kaboom

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by maggierose

This is not a high mileage tire.

You are using too much rear brake.

Why bother complaining about a consumable product you are receiving at a discount?

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by Frankie - B

hear, hear!
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

by Weenie

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by LouisN

Looks like something was wrong with the casing (they look like they have 4000km's on them :shock: !!!). Maybe some shape irregularity that caused premature wear on the rubber and eventually weakness on a specific spot.
Happy for you it didn't cause anything bad.
I ride on Challenge Criteriums now on my everyday wheelset and I must say I love them. Better than my Vittoria Corsa CX or SC, who ALL had bulges aorund the valve... :evil:
Maybe your friend's "deals" come from some defect batch that shouldn't be sold, or at least shouldn't be ridden for as long as you did. I saw some Criteriums tubs sold on Ebay last year for $45. per PAIR :shock: !!!! You get what you pay for... :smartass:

Louis :)

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by ricorob

@maggierose - "You are using too much rear brake". LOL, I barely ever touch my brakes where I ride! No stop signs or stop lights. :~)

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by DMF

Been riding lots of Challenge Criteriums clinchers (open tubulars, they are for the top half the exact same tires), they go bald fast and look worn even faster, and 1300-1500 miles on a rear tire before it's finished is normal. I don't have any mountains here, city bridges are for the most part the tallest peaks, and I hardly ever touch the rear brake. I still don't get more mileage than that. I'm 72kg, sprinter type of rider.

But I may agree, even if you were at the end of their mileage in this case, some have given up prematurely by gaining small splits, so maybe the reliability is questionable too.

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by ninjaman

boolinwall wrote:I'm not surprised. I had a pair of their clinchers and the casing kept getting progressively wider every week. Especially if you happened to get them wet. They started as a pair of 23's and worked their way up to 27. Fast as hell, but just as scary.

I rode a pair of their open tubular Criteriums, and the same thing happened!

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