What's with the pricing of (some) carbon road frames?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bricky21

Konky that $18000 budget car is technologically lightyears ahead of the greatest super bicycles we've ever seen.

by Weenie

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by mattr

And where on earth can you get a top ferrari for $200,000? I know the US pricing structure for cars is utterly bollixed, but a top ferrari is nearer $2,000,000 this side of the pond..........

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by Pharmstrong

Nah you don't want any of those, you want the 2013 Aventador (~$400,000) or Berlinetta (~$315,000). Much 'more bang for your buck', ask Kanye.

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by sawyer

konky wrote:Few would disagree with the fact that manufacturers don't make much on their top end stuff. The truth is it's the bikes that cost what it costs to buy a budget car that are actually the best value. A Storck frame may cost a lot more than a Cannondale but I can assure you Cannondale make much more from the consumer than Markus Storck does.

You are assuming a direct inverse correlation between profitability for the manufacturer and value for the consumer.

That's simply not the case in any sector.

Walmart is/was hugely profitable etc.

High end products are not profitable because the volumes are small, and unless you really value the design/exclusivity they are usually not good value either.
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by konky

If you only had keenly priced mid market bikes available on the market life would be boring and bike technology would be static.

Pharmstrong My wife thinks I'm a marketing man's wet dream as well. My wife is never wrong so I guess I am.

prendrefeu I totally agree that those manufacturers that are original and push the envelope offer the best value. That's really what I thought I said. The pushing the envelope stuff is usually the high price stuff. Not always of course.

sawyer The direct inverse correlation I made is the only certain one that can be made. Otherwise 'value' is subjective.

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by bura

I also see no relation between nationality and practices.
But here's a story from the seventies.
A lot of German and Swiss car magazines had a bunch of sarcasm for US car manufacturers ,who renewed their models annually.
European manufacturers were renewing their models not before 2 or 3 years then.
Similar comments were made relating power steering and big bumpers of cars for the US market.
How does this relate to cycling?
A lot mates are asking nowadays others which model frame they are riding. Even if is only the paint of the bicycles which are changed by the bike manufacturers annually to push sales.
Isn't this capitalism and relating marketing at its best?
And where else than the U.S. it is ,where these practices are "invented" and performed first?
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