Specialized carbon road crank impossible to install?!

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by ricerocket

Sykes wrote:
audiojan wrote:First on this frame yes. Although it's by far not my first BB installation (have bikes with BSA, ITA, PF30, BB30; installed all myself without any issues).

Then sounds like a misaligned BB cup, although the alignment issue could be with the bearings, but that is doubtful. It's a frame warranty issue. I would not let a shop try to reface/chase it. From what I have read that can only lead to more issues with poor fitting. Ask for a new frame.

There are no cups in BB30. There is no chasing as there are no threads. The faces of the BB shell has no bearing (ha, no pun intended) on the alignment of the bearings.

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by audiojan

Ok, finally got time to remove the bearings and re-press them. That didn't solve the problem, but out of desperation, I removed the conical spacer (on NDS) and just used the wave washer. Better, but not perfect. Took everything apart again and that's when I realized that the lock ring that holds the spider in place was installed backwards! It has a very small lip on it, just enough to make the bearings drag. Reversed that, installed the crank with the wave washer only and voila! success.
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