Northwave Extreme (velcro)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ipdamages

Anyone have any experience with them? I saw a post in the "Light Shoes" thread on them, but no responses. They certainly seem light (under 200 gm/shoe), and shoes savings is double-value since most people have two feet!

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by MarkGiardini

I had the Extreme Tech ie the ones with the ratchet and the dial and they were relatively live. The one problem I had was that the upper had no flexibility and they really felt too rigid on my feet. Great shoes tho .
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by boots2000

I had a pair- they were just so-so.
Nice and wide to box- but overall fit seemed to lack contour.
Soles not super stiff, durability not great.
But they are light!

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