Tune mig 70 front hub

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by dmoneysworks

Tune mig 70 front hub - I confess I'm a total newbie in regards to all things tune - so my question is whats the difference between the old version with a 15mm axle (silver end caps) vs. the current with a 17mm (black end caps)?

Were the 15mm good, bad, noisy, unreliable, ugly and/or otherwise trouble-free?

Importantly are the 15mm versions still worth picking up at (10-15% off) near full retail? :noidea:


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by madcow

The differences are pretty minimal. Axle size increased, bearing size changed and it went from a threaded end cap to a press fit. The old version was just as good and I don't think they changed the front for any performance related issues. I think it was done because the rear was going to 17mm so by changing the front they are able to keep more consistency with the bearings used in the front and rear.

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