Carbon steerer wear?

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by Calnago

"Routine replacement" should be reserved for things like tires and chains and cassettes and cables and such. Not forks. That is an integral part of the frame and if a frame required regular replacement of a fork I would look elsewhere for my frame/fork. The Trek fork that I noticed the issue with seemed fine other than a slight indentation like the one shown in the OP's picture. Had there been an actual cut or sharp scoring of the fork I would have been more concerned. It is fine and in fact the owner is going to have the whole thing repainted since the paint has seen better days. He, nor I, are worried about it failing. However, since the OP in this thread said it would probably always be in the back of his mind, I guess he has a choice to make. I know I've done the same thing on certain things that I didn't consider "perfect". And any manufacturer will likely recommend the most conservative approach, especially in the US where people sue, and win, for anything it seems when it comes to product liability.
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by xcnick

I think routine inspection is also important, this article is the reason I stripped mine down in the first place ... est_299307

I once found a large crack inside a deda stem thanks to routine inspection.

I have pretty much decided I will buy a new frameset, but what to do in the meantime. (frameset I want is not available until md-late sept) carry on riding it or build up an old frame I have kicking about. As Calnago said above, a cut or sharp score would be more concerning. My main concern is surely it is not going to stop 'wearing' like this because there must be a cause and I will never know what it is.

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by em3

xcnick wrote:Infact look at how the headset sits on the frame it doesn't sit fully square with the headtube. I never thought much of it as the headset was always smooth and tight but is possibly a problem.

Your pic says it all and explains why the indentation has appears the bearing inserts are set incorrectly in ur frame. Assuming the inserts are fixed then the next step is to get a warranty replacement on both frame and fork. EM3

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by kac

Thanks to all who replied to my question about "routine" fork replacement! The Velo News article was enlightening, indeed, especially as I've shipped my bike in a soft bag by air before but that was around 2 years ago. Still, it's worth knowing about this issue so thanks again!


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