Using Powercordz on EE brake

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by Mimizk

Does anyone try to use Powercordz on eeCycleworks eeBrake?

I want to know about using report or specialy small parts for it if there is such thing.

by Weenie

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by sungod

there's a pic in this thread showing it...


from what i've read, due to the limited clearance the difficult part is getting the knot in the correct position

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by 1415chris

I've been on the ee and pc for a while.
Setting up process and it's level of difficulty is not greater than any other combo where you use power cordz cables.

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by Dammit

It's a lot easier to simply wrap the cord round the cable-clamp post, then tighten it down.

I spent a long time knotting the powercordz first time round, second time was faster, then I switched to wrapping it rather than knotting it and it was the proverbial piece of cake.

The photo in the thread linked to above is of my bike- 2,000 miles including some mountain descents on that now, no problems.

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by mdeth1313

I didn't knot mine. I wrapped it around (180 degreees) and then tightened. Only problem is it's a one and done deal that way, so I set them up once w/ regular cables to get a feel for the setup, used those for awhile and then went to the powercordz. No issues at all, I'm approaching 2500 miles on them.
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by Dammit

Has anyone used the new modular housing with Dura Ace 7970 Di2 shifters?

I'm using the "standard" PowerCordz housing at the moment which works very well, but wish to redo the cabling/bartape over winter which seems to be fast approaching, so was thinking of upgrading to the newer housing.

However- I previously used the iLink housing with these levers and found the setup to be very painful- the Shimano levers don't seem to locate the housing end very precisely, so if the housing has no degree of rigidity it tends to flop around inside the body of the lever, making re-threading cables a massive PITA.

SO- anyone using the PowerCordz stuff with success?

by Weenie

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