Customising 7900 cranks

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by Stockie

Are those KCNC brakes? Did you polish them yourself?
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by Weenie

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by KB

Yes, KCNC's; they went to the polishers. Before that they were the dull silver finish.

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Marlboro Man
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by Marlboro Man

OK. Slight fail here.

I was sat on my balcony after a ride staring at the bike as I consumed my 1664 recovery drink. The impulse took over to see what polished cranks looked like so they came off like a flash.

As the LH crank was starting to shine I sprayed on the oven cleaner and gently wiped off the foam. When I say "gently" I could have breathed on it harder.

Off came the anodising (most of it), so on went the autosol and I buffed it up pretty well.

This is when things started to go wrong.

I'd forgotten you needed a torx head to remove the 7900 rings. Couldn't find my torx heads of course.

So for the time being, I got rid of as much of the anodising off the crank as I could while I re-order some torx heads.

I'm not putting up pictures until I've finished.

On another note, I strongly caveat undertaking any customisation when under the influence. This could have gone irretrievably wrong.

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