11 SP DI2 works Campy Cassette

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by shimmeD

I don't mind being made fun of my mechanical inaptitude, but I really can't see how (including a 'Little screwdriver') I can fit an 11spd cassette onto my circa 2002 Proton hub.
Less is more.

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by elSid

A snarky rhetorical and winky face should explain everything.

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by gmitt98

And for the below, you could try this: www.bicimod.com

(slightly off the original topic)

Tenlegs wrote:10 speed cassettes spacing are not the same Shimano/SRAM = 3.95mm, Campagnolo 4.12mm e.g. Shimano/SRAM cassette on a Campag drivetrain
Center the chain exactly on 5th cog (best case) then shift to 10th cog the .17mm difference in spacing accumulates to .85mm overshift or about 22% error
center the chain on the 1st cog and it would over shift by 1.53mm 40% out, might shift but far from ideal.
Shimano/Campag 11 speed cassette spacing is close enough not to make any difference.

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