Cervélo 2014 - Rumours / Details?

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by hasbeen

I agree 100% with the geometry comment. When they went to the taller headtubes, and Vroomen spouted off about how he knew it was what the world needed, they lost the plot!
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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by Getter

I liked the "Vroomen White Design" on the chainstays.

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by nickl

uniQuk wrote:
stanseven wrote:Cervelo doesn't see fit to stay with competitors in offering electronic groups to the R series!

I guess you haven't seen the picture of the R3 on page 5 with electronic groupset?


It's a good step forward. But hanging the battery off the bidon mount in 2014? Seriously?

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by uniQuk

Hopefully it will be compatible w/ the seatpost battery.

7 days until we find out though :)


RCA with battery on downtube:


RCA w/ seatpost battery:

So maybe it's just to demonstrate the Di2 compatibility? :noidea:

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by rmerka

That top one looks like older DA so it's not compatible with an internal battery.

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by pyrahna

I would hope they would go with a internal battery mounted int he seatpost for the actual production bikes. If not anyone buying one should try and make a deal with their LBS to switch it out.

nickl wrote:It's a good step forward. But hanging the battery off the bidon mount in 2014? Seriously?

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by uniQuk

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by eric

Hey, they got the R5 frame weight almost down to what my 2009 R3SL weighs. The fork probably weighs more than the Enve fork I have on it and the tapered HS would weigh more too.

I like the look and the aero.

What's that lump on the downtube between the bottle bosses? Locator for DI2 battery bracket?

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by Permon

r5: 830grams for a 56size

What? :?:
My 56, 2012 VWD is 780grams

What a progress! :noidea:

The fact is that Cervelo claims +9% bb stiffness and 15% front end stiffness. That sounds very good to me as I always felt lack of stiffness at the front end :thumbup:

Generaly, I am NOT impressed by the 2014 at all!
I expected more stiffness and weight around 700grams...close to RCA.

My impression is that Cervelo is really loosing its way :smartass:
They are not market leader anymore (used to be with R3/2006 and R5 VWD)

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by stax

I like the look of the R series but am disappointed with the weight of the R5. I am really surprised it is so much heavier than the '12 R5 VWD. I was all set for a new R5 but not so sure now.

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by djconnel

Sacrilege, or perhaps I'm biased because my 2008 Fuji SL/1 size small is a relatively porcine 860 grams and I don't want to feel the need to replace it, but perhaps they beefed it out slightly to improve reliability. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad tradeoff for those on the high side of 23 BMI.

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by justkeepedaling

Um you guys realize you're comparing the vwd with the base r5, right. I fully expect to see a new r5 vwd weighing well into the 700s. Also, cervelo's weights have been fairly dead on, if not overestimates of the actual weight, recently

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by RichTheRoadie

Wasn't there only 1 R5 model in the 2013 range?...

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by uraqt

@ justkeepedaling

There was no 2013 R5 VWD, not 100% sure there will be one for 2014. They did keep the 2012 VWD on the website for 2013 and it was $100 cheaper

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