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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

I have never questioned the expertise in Far East, in many cases they do what companies want.

They can do a light and stiff frame with excellent performance. No questions.
It all boils down to the order specifications.
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by Calnago


Hmmm, hadn't seen any of the "built" pics before I made my earlier post. The first set of pics really showed the frame in its best light. Now that I have seen some more pics built up, it does maybe look a little more generic than I originally thought. The top tube tube looks like it has a kink in it as some other frames do these days... can't remember exactly right now... but isn't it similar to the Giant Propel for example. Don't like the plugs for the derailleur cables (like to see electric specific or mechanical specific, just cleaner) but that's just nitpicky. Not likely they're going to make electric/mechanical separate frames. And those cages don't look any better on their own bikes than they do on anyone else's. But that crammed in mess around the cages and hulk of a battery is really offputting. It does look best with their own wheels however. All in all... meh.
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by drainyoo

Beautiful bike. Too bad it's that expensive.

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by btompkins0112

Rip-off.....give me a RCA and save some $$. I think their wheels are more likely than not a rip-off also, but that's going to get me flamed on here.

EDIT: saw the 12k, but didn't realize that was with wheels....still a rip-off at 6.5k.

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by TopQuark

HammerTime2 wrote:Just in time to fill the gap left by Serotta's demise.

At least it's 2 grand cheaper. Oops, it's made in China! (They call them Made in Asia nowadays :))

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by metanoize

My HongFu FM066SL weighs about the same, is this bike that much better! Honestly, the Cervelo R5 felt very much like the FM066 using the same wheels/tires.

Still, the LW is a stunning bike!

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by Zakalwe

Calnago wrote:The top tube tube looks like it has a kink in it as some other frames do these days... can't remember exactly right now...

Look 695 and Wilier Cento1SR both have the same on trend TT kink.

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by derailer

Thread title should read: Lightweight makes a joke.

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by konky

It is possible the best frames are made in china. I may be wrong but I think the R5CA probably could be made in China just as well, maybe better. Having them made in CA may be just a marketing ploy.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

tharmor wrote:Couldn't agree with you more. However, then you're looking at a $12,000 price point and you'd still need a drivetrain, etc.

That's Lightweight's target audience, big budget bike owners.

I don't necessarily see it as an issue. Especially not if it was prices as such that the wheels were at a 'good' rate (compared to their stand-alone RRP).

I'll also wait until I hear of some ride reviews/have a chance to ride one before slating its weight. For all we know, they could have gone 100g lighter but lost a lot of ride quality.

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by metanoize


R5CA and RCA are proof of concept bike models researched/designed and built by the Cervelo R&D to to show what can be done in mainstream bikes. Cervelo will pick through the RCA model parameters and will choose the most profitable/marketable of ideas and will pass them to the teams responsible of mass producing the next gen in China.

I don't think you can mass produce carbon bikes anywhere in Europe/US at reasonable price point. Nobody has the tooling, infrastructure or trained workers.

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by SalsaLover

Doesn't tickle my fancy
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by tinozee

In that price range I'd much rather have a C59, Z5 sli, Look 695 or Time Ulteam. Plus, it's weird they make a 6 grand "sportive" frame. wtf? Might as well get a Bamboo bike for snazzy comfort.

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by coppercook62

Id take a crumpton type 5 same price range

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by kgt

Too expensive for what it is. I would much prefer a custom handmade in Italy Viner, Sarto, or something similar.

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