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by Shrike

Decided I'm quite happy with my new winter build and have decided to let my 7 month old Bianchi Infinito CV 2015 frame go (bought new late March 2016). It has a small crack on the seatstay that I haven't had fixed yet.

Should I fix then sell, or sell to someone who will send off to fix? i have a quote for the repair (around £200) and the only reason I didn't do it yet was because I was thinking to keep the frame and have a cool custom respray done at the time of repair. They were super busy during summer so said to hold off until later in the year.

Changed my mind now though, don't want to mess with the paintwork. Just going to clean it up nice and either repair or sell as is.

How much should I ask for either way?

Here is the pic of the crack


by Weenie

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by nickcube

Not sure what other bikes you have and what the Bianchi is kitted out with component wise, but at that repair cost I'd personally keep it if the rest of the frame is otherwise fine, the price you'd sell the frame for as is wouldn't be worth the money your losing, and selling a repaired bike usually means you lose a good bit of money. How did it happen?

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by bikerjulio

As is that's worth next to nothing. If repaired, you need to reveal that, and it will fetch a little over next to nothing.

Hold on to it until you decide whether to repair for your own use, or keep it as wall art.
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by Shrike

Made a thread at the start of the summer about the damage. No clue what happened to it. Noticed it while washing the bike one day. Still an unresolved mystery unfortunately.

Bike has DA 9000 and deda superleggera finishing kit. Want to keep that for my next project. Was hoping to raise some cash from the frame. Shame. Would be happy to fix and take a grand for it. Shame if not saleable even if repaired..

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by junchen

No recourse from warranty?

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by Shrike

Tried and no joy with the warranty!

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by liam7020

Even repaired I don't think you'll get a grand for it.
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by Svetty

Problem is that most people don't want to take a punt on a repaired carbon frame so won't be prepared to pay much. The frame is worth more to you repaired than anyone else unless you are fortunate enough to find someone who is prepared to take the risk on a repaired frame.

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by RussellS

I agree with everyone else. Its basically worthless now. Whether you fix it or not, no one will pay you anything for the frame. Even though a repair job would 100% return the bike to perfect condition. Because its repaired, no one will pay anything for it. Or unrepaired, worth nothing. Think of it like an inner tube. I am one in a billion, I repair tubes and use them again. Most people are afraid of patched tubes for some reason. Not me. But I could never sell a repaired tube for a penny. No one would use them. But new tubes I could sell for a few dollars. Not patched. Even though both hold air perfectly well. I use patched tubes in all my wheels every day perfectly. They never leak unless I get a new hole. Someone on the side of the road with no spare would use my patched extra tube. But would immediately replace it once they got home. Your cracked frame is kind of like the patched tube. Will work perfectly when fixed/patched. But no one will pay you anything for it. And no one but you really wants to use it, even if fixed perfectly.

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by glepore

Its not just the repair in this case. The Infinito has the countervail fiber that is at the heart of its ride, and who knows whether a repaired stay affects that.
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by Svetty

What size is it? ;)

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by eaglejackson

I have a repaired Pinarello Prince that I decided to keep because it's close to worthless sold, and completely worthless when it was unrepaired. People are wary enough of buying a used carbon frame; if repaired it makes them wonder about what other damage there is that may be hidden? In any case, people believe it's just not worth the risk and that is reflected in the market pricing. You may be lucky to sell it at all for any price.

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by McGilli

Friend cracked his chain stay at National Qualifiers last year in Denmark on a pothole.

He paid good $ to have it repaired back home - but he knew he wouldn't get anything for it selling it 'out olin the wild' - so instead - he sold it to a club mate he races with. This person knew about the crack - knows about the 'best' carbon repair guy in town that did the repair - and my friend was able to get a fair price by being up front and selling it to someone he races with who knew the history of the frame and the quality of the repair.
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by Shrike

Size 55 :P

Thanks guys, will consider selling it to a friend, or just keep it. Rides beautifully so not like I'm losing out by having it. Just fancied trying out an aero frame next summer and hoped to fund it a bit with this.

by Weenie

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