Look Keo Blade 2 2014

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by gitsome

Mine lasted less than a year, less than 6 months
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by Esterhas

gitsome wrote:Good question, but they are hopefully replaceable if worse comes to worst. I just hope they don't crack at the back end of the pedal body itself such as happened to me and many others, that part is certainly not replaceable. And that little tab that sticks out on the side god forbid on a low side slip or something could catch the ground and snap off too... but when they work they do work so damn well...

Went through two pairs in less than eight months, both cracking at the back end. It was a shame, as they were dream otherwise having switched over from Speedplay. Went to Dura Ace, which having a similar platform made the transition seamless. Will wait and see about the durability of the new ones before I contemplate switching back.

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by spdntrxi

that's terrible… I was thinking of getting these new blade2's.. Still have my Contador's max

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by maquisard

By contrast I have had a pair for 21 months with no problems. Look have not removed the product from sale or issued a recall so the returns, while bad, are obviously minimal. Will be interesting to see how the Keo Blade 2 gets on.

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by DWatkinsBSB

Awful stories on the ones that went bad under a year. We're you guys able to swap the broken ones for a new pair with look/warranty?

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by gitsome

Yes I was and look re informed me this was a common problem, he stated return to dealer for new pair w no questions. I am using the new pair on a second bike that gets less miles than primary bike which still has older leo carbon/ti pedals which have started wearing through quite a lot on the bottom so the clip in in loose once theres any wear on the cleat. He said it was well known issue. He also said they'd changed the pedal (for 2012 i think) so the models without LOOK logo on bottom were the newer ones but unfortunately my dealer only had the older model just like the ones I had that broke. Ive looked at the newer ones and honestly do not see any apparent differences in design or build or material, but MAYBE its hard to tell if they've strengthened the carbon, i am rather doubtful to be honest but who knows....and theres lots of replies to thread n this and I spoke to a large retailer here in NYC that does a lot of online business too and they told me in confidence they've had many returns on them. He said he felt thats the issue with such ultralight equipment, I don't know what to think anyone bc I do love how light and effective they are when they work. I a hoping the new ones will be improvement. And i will probably purchase them for my primary ride sometime down the line when some reviews are in (not bullshit website reviews that are all marketing hype) but real user reviews and then maybe if they seem ok will buy from another online retailer that offers lifetime returns (bc LOOK warranty is limited) so I will feel safer even if they do break down the road.
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by asv

I've have multiple sets of blade pedals with no issues so far after about 15,000 miles.

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by martinSL

same here.

blades on two bikes for over 2 years an no issues at all. Great pedals.
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by sawyer

Have had a pair of gen 1 Blades for two years - all weather for 1000s of kms -no problems. Spin well - unlike many previous Look pedals
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by RedViola

I've had my Gen 1 cro-moly 12nm Blades for 14 months with zero issues. Over 8000km, through rain and sleet and snow, a few high speed crashes, and a lot of sprint work. There was even a scary incident in which my left crank arm came off mid-sprint (my fault, no torque wrench at the time) but rather conveniently remained attached to my shoe because I hadn't come unclipped, even after the loose arm smacked the ground a few times. Fortunately, I managed to keep it upright and pull off to the side; goodness knows what it must have looked like for the woman in the car behind.

The 20nm option is interesting. As per above, I haven't had release issues but my next set were going to be 16nm anyway. Now I'm not so sure. Agree with everyone who said the new ones look pretty.

Were the folks with warranty issues using the Ti or cro-moly versions?

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by Mockenrue

I have a pair of the 16Nm Ti version on two bikes; one pair with the Look logo has covered around 2500km and the other with no logo around 2000km. No problems whatsoever with either.

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by gitsome

Im glad to hear positive stories :) it reassuring s Ive been worked about my warranty replacements going the same way as the originals. Mine were/are Ti models Have not experienced spindle creaking issues as some others have in the past, mine just cracked at the back. I think the long thread in this should still be available on search on this site. Like I said I DO love the pedals and will hopefully be getting a new pair sometime next year, and I agree the 20 n sounds very interesting...
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by G6612

Has anyone received the new Blade 2's, My wife ordered me a pair for Christmas and they have not arrived. Ordered me the Ti version and they keep getting the delivery date pushed back. It's ok it's winter just wondering if anyone can give any hands on reviews?

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by uraqt

Don't think the 2014 are at the US distributors yet!!
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by gitsome

Can't wait to read some reviews here when anyone gets them hope they're as great as they look.... ;)
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