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by bfno

New Keo Blade 2 Max's at Eurobike, possible fix all the problems in current ten? 120g each

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by Kayrehn

It is strange that this is not a universal problem, making the cause of the noise rather mysterious to me. I never had that noise with them using their black cleats, albeit with the rubber piece in the center removed because I don't really see its use. Perhaps that's the reason?

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by spdntrxi

mine have been silent..

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by Rick

Kayrehn wrote:It is strange that this is not a universal problem, making the cause of the noise rather mysterious to me. I never had that noise with them using their black cleats, albeit with the rubber piece in the center removed because I don't really see its use. Perhaps that's the reason?

I sure wish I could have solved it. If you read my entire history with these Looks in this thread you can see that I tried a lot of things and got them silenced for brief periods. I liked a lot of things about the pedals. But it seems like a construction tolerances issue. The cartridge bearings are very loosely fitting into the composite body, so unless the grease is heavy and fresh, it starts clicking internally. I think the pedals-to cleat squeaks are a separate issue that could probably be solved with correct choice of lubes.
It is not a universal problem, but browsing the discussion boards it does seem to be a very common problem.
Another aspect is that they were much quieter when easy spinning. It was usually when climbing at about 70 RPM that the noises would drive me nuts. I am not very powerful, so we can't blame it on me putting and unusually high power to the pedals.

By contrast, my Shimanos are all dead-silent with no thought to maintenance at all, even after at least a year, including a winter, of riding. My Speedplays were also silent by comparison, although the did make a very slight click sound when reaching the edges of the float restraint if your foot changed angles while pedaling. But that was understandable as a metal-metal contact that was the intended method of operation.

But IF your Looks are silent, then they are a great pedal. I am envious!

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by uraqt

looks like it's just a lower priced model : )

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by Rudi

bdb wrote:I cracked the 16nm blade last night - which is weird, it just fell out.

Thankfully that was after all the climbing of the evening was done.
Now to see about getting it fixed or replaced, could be interesting.

Did you manage to get this sorted?

I've managed to completely snap the carbon blade in two. Was doing a track stand so there was probably quite a bit of pressure on the pedal, had to clip out to avoid the fall and the blade ended up on the ground in two bits.
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by Method01

After 4000km, both my Blade 2 pedals have some play. I don't know what to do with my choice of new pedals for my new bike..

I came from Speedplay, wasn't bad but couldn't convince me. Shimano is a way too heavy and I've read too much horror stories about broken Time's..

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by Starter

My Blade 2's bearings never loosened up, but always remained rather tight, even after roughly 1000 miles.

That coupled with the fact that the bodies aren't weighted really soured me on them. I hate how the orientation of an unengaged Blade 2 is completely random... Some rides I'd be "feeling it", and able to nose them into position with my toe without looking down, but many times I found myself staring down at my pedal after pulling away from a light, trying to position it. Lame.

I just switched to Time Xpresso 12s. They are definitely weighted, and when unengaged return to a single vertical orientation... We'll see how they perform over the miles. They are certainly light, at 154g a pair...

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by Rascal

I experienced the squeaking, clicking & the frustrating fact that the pedal isn't weighted for easy find to clip in. Tried the Exustar cleats which eliminated the sqeaking but introduces a less than easy/normal click-out. Going back to my previous Keo Cr & Keo Ti. Very disappointed in you Look...
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by paulandmonster

i had keo blade first edition that blew apart the back blew off. i now have blade 2 the design seems better as presure should be more evenly distributed, that being said i like them i got the 16n easy to get out of bu feel plenty secure. only issue is they are so light that they are sometimes a bit of a bother to get in as the dont dont allways fall to easy entry position.

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by boots2000

Do you need to lower saddle height on Keo 2 ti blade 2015 vs. older Keo 2 Max?
I know that stack on new pedal is listed as 13mm and older pedal is listed at 15.7mm.
Just wondering what riders are finding in the real world?

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by fogman

You would need to lower your saddle by 2.7 mm. Just make sure your knee angle is the same. My knee angle is 32 degrees.
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by cwoolee

look is better than time.

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by Frankie - B

In your opinion... @cwoolee
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by Svetty

I find it ironic that on the ww board people are complaining that the pedal isn't weighted enough at the back to create a 'nose up' tilt when unclipped. Specially for these folks Look do still make the old model with a heavy brass spring at the back of the pedal.... :roll: :roll: :D

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