Endgame Seatpost/saddle combo?

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by Enkei


I'm looking at different high-end seatpost/saddle combos for my upcoming build. If you have any experience with the following candidates please share it! Also if you have other suggestions they are also welcome! (My specs 27.2mm, 350mm, 5cm ish offset).

Dash S.4 Combo, 120-130 g, price 1100$ (Customizable, good looking, adjustable, expensive)

Berk Combo, 100-130g? Price ? (Classy stuff!)

Mcfk saddle and post. 170g ish, 800$ (I love Mcfk, but are they a bit pricey for what you get?)

Smud saddle and post, 170g, 470$ (Good price ye?)

If i'm off on some of the prices/weights please let me know and I'll edit it for proper comparison. I'll also add new suggestions. :!: Also.. I know sadles are a personal thing and that a good fit usually triumphs a few grams etc. but lets focus on the weight, price and looks for the sake of argument.

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by Martin.F

If it's for an upcoming build I would ride a bit with a separate post/saddle before going for a Berk combo. That way you know your measurements will be perfect, and Berkcombo is without a doubt the best looking and lightest!
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