SRM Pro in Ridley Fenix

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by CXrider


Currently I have an Ridley Fenix.
This is a frame with a BB30 Bottom Bracket.
I have a SRM Pro wired still here and this is an octalink.
Anyone know how I can fit my SRM in the Fenix?

by Weenie

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by micky

I guess you just need some adapters and you will be fine. :thumbup:

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by ms6073

While there are a bunch of adapters for this purpose, from a weight weenie perspective, I would think something like the Enduro KCNC
"BB30" To "HT2" Converter Bottom Bracket or Praxis Works [url=]Conversion bottom bracket
should do the trick.
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by frankmx

He needs to go from BB30 to octalink, so a hollowtech converter wont work if i am correct?
What would work is a bb30 converter Which will take a Bsa Octalink bracket, something like that probably exists but i dont know of any.

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by GonaSovereign

I started down the path of trying to install my wired Pro on a BB30. In the end I sold the frame before I got around to it, but there are a few things I learned you'll want to think about.

1. You need an insert that will take threaded cups, so don't buy the kind with integrated bearings for 24mm spindles.
Good: Image
Bad: Image

The good ones are press fit and hard to remove.

2. Once you've done that, you'll need to make sure your octalink BB will fit into the adapted shell.
3. You need to make sure you have spacing and clearance for the power meter. The SRM power meter plate has a differnt profile than most cranks, and will not fit on some frames. Check first!

Good luck and post your results.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Option 1 there is like the original cannondale adaptor.
Thats what i was going to recommend..
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by Cosmo

The Fenix is a PF30, not a BB30.

To fit a traditional BSA BB into the frame you'll need a PF30 to BSA converter, generally these consist of a cup pressed into each side of the frame. The cups are threaded internally. The SRAM one is the most common's intended for external BBs so YMMV.
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by MajorMantra

I was confused there too. Ridley's own site lists it as BB30 yet the one we sold at work recently (current version with Ultegra 6800 and Rotor crank) is definitely PF30. Have they changed it or does Ridley's copywriter not know the difference?
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by Weenie

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by Cosmo

Some companies refer to PF30 as "Press Fit BB30" so it can be confusing, Ridley calls the BB system this (they even go one further "oversize press fit BB30"). Easy to get lost just scanning letters.

"PF30" being more appropriate for Weight Weenies as it's fewer letters and therefore lighter. :mrgreen:
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